Target Shooting Ireland, Ireland’s National Governing Body for Olympic Rifle and Pistol events, are delighted to be a part of the 20×20 ”If She Can’t See It, She Can’t Be” It initiative presented by the Federation of Irish Sport.

As a member of the initiative, we have two goals:
1. To actively increase media coverage of our female competitors at international and club/college competitions at all levels by 20% by 2020.
2. To actively promote and plan for increasing female attendance at identified events by 20% by 2020.

Since joining the initiative we have taken steps towards increasing the visibility of females in our sport – we have increased our social media presence, hosted “Instagram takeovers” with female athletes while at international competitions, and will be sharing athlete profiles. We hope that in doing so we are making Target Shooting more accessible to women and girls, and we are happy to have seen increases in the number of females competing in some of our bigger competitions.