New Global Sport Network launches in Dublin 

World Sport Team, a volunteer-driven non-profit organisation on a mission to provide sportspeople across the world with a supportive network, was launched in Dublin on Wednesday 26th November.

The newly-established network aims to build a member base which will provide support to those who suffer debilitating injuries through partaking in sport. Through global fundraising and awareness  programmes, the charity organisation aims to reach out to families and friends of sportspeople, amateur or otherwise, who have suffered catastrophic injury, as well as the injured themselves.

World Sports Team 4World Sports Team 3

Barry Geraghty and Paul Galvin are both on board!

World Sports Team founder Eamonn Sayers said: “World Sports Team is the team every sportsperson supports. We aim to provide those who suffer catastrophic injury playing sport with a willing hand to help them through whatever difficulties they face. My cousin suffered a catastrophic injury playing sport and from my experience I realised there has to be a better way of supporting fellow sportspeople. I do not want any family to have to go through what we went through then. Ireland has given many gifts to the sporting world and we hope this can be another one that benefits people the world over”.

The global support network already has the support of an array of sporting stars including former Leinster, Irish & Lions player Brian O’Driscoll, jockey Barry Geraghty  and former Kerry inter-county star Paul Galvin, amongst others.

                                       World Sports Team 1Brian O'Driscoll is included in a 34-man Ireland squad despite carrying a calf injury.

                                                  I’ve joined the team……. Have you?

So what can I do?

It’s really simple. Just log on to the website – and #JointheTeam. By signing up (it takes 30 seconds) and spreading the word to your friends, colleagues and team mates, you will join the team that everyone should support.

Eamonn finished with a simple message: “The organisation is free to join for anyone involved in sport across the world. Regardless of what code you play or what country you play it in, sporting injuries affect everyone and with World Sports Team, we hope to make a positive difference in the lives of those who are so unfortunate as to have to deal with a debilitating injury through sport”. 

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