The Baton Twirling Sport Association of Ireland were very honoured to be selected by the World Baton Twirling Federation to host the 2018 European Cup of Baton Twirling.

The event took place in the Sport Ireland indoor arena and the athletics hall was used as a practice area for the 571 athletes from 16 European countries who attended.


There were two days of music tests and training and five days of competition, making it the biggest sporting event in Ireland in 2018 outside of Special Olympics with 500 delegates, judges, officials and coaches also in attendance.

We have put in a bid to host the 2020 World Baton Twirling Championships, and if we are successful will have approximately 23 countries in attendance.

The Baton Twirling Sport Association of Ireland has been recognised as a National Governing Body for sport since 1989 and is a founding member of what is now the Federation of Irish Sports.