If you have an interest in Sports Administration or Event Management and like organising and running events, then working as a Regional Coordinator for IAFA Flag Football could be just the role for you!

Due to the recent growing interest in Flag Football and an increase in IAFA Flag Football membership, IAFA are looking to create a team of Regional Coordinators to work alongside the IAFA Director of Flag Football and manage all aspects of Flag Football in a designated area of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The role also includes a seat on the IAFA Flag Football sub-committee.

The Regional Coordinator represents IAFA Flag Football and is responsible for the successful execution of Flag Football tournaments, events, league games, and development initiatives in his/her designated region. The Regional Coordinator will also work with teams/clubs in their region to develop processes, facilities and marketing to help grow the sport of Flag Football.

During a league season, the Regional Coordinator oversees the smooth running of each week games. The IAFA Flag Football league runs from September 1st to December 1st. Each game week is structured in a blitz format with several teams meeting at the one venue. Games will take place between 11:00 and 16:00. The Regional Coordinator will oversee the setup of the venue and the management of teams and officials.

The Regional Coordinator will also work as part of the IAFA sub-committee for Flag Football under the direction of the IAFA Director of Flag Football. He/she will help shape and develop processes and initiatives to grow Flag Football in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Regional Coordinator will be required to attend all sub-committee meetings which will be held once a quarter (with scope for attendance via video or audio conferencing)

A great Regional Coordinator has a keen interest in managing sport and fitness and in American Football, is organised and works well under pressure, as well as being dependable, outgoing and social. While you do not need to have any experience in having played Flag or Kitted American Football, you should be familiar with how the association and the sport operate.

Role specifications include:

Region Management

  • Responsibility for smooth, punctual running of matches during an IAFA sponsored Flag Football event
  • Overseeing the setup of venues, including managing officials
  • Arranging officials documentation before & after each match
  • Greeting each team when they arrive at the venue and give necessary information to Team Managers and Coaches
  • Ensuring all players membership status are in good order
  • Providing needed facilities, equipment, supplies, medical needs, and personnel to operate an event if required.
  • Dealing with up to 100+ players and their complaints, rules and regulation queries etc.
  • Taking photos of teams each week and sending on to IAFA Communications Director

IAFA Flag Football Sub-Committee

  • Assisting in formulation of policies, guidelines, evaluation processes, goals, and objectives for Flag Football in Ireland
  • Assessing regional and national needs and interest, recommend programs to be conducted, evaluating after season ends, and making recommendations for changes as required.
  • Planning for all competitions, leagues, and registration, and discuss needed facilities, equipment, supplies, medical and personnel needs to run Flag Football.
  • Developing marketing initiatives for Flag Football and working with IAFA Clubs and Teams to generate membership growth and participation
  • Performing related duties as assigned.

It is strongly recommended to have your own vehicle and be mobile as you will be required to be present at events and bring any necessary Flag Football equipment (balls, cones, flags etc.) to the venue if necessary.

If you would like to apply for the role of IAFA Flag Regional Coordinator, please send your CV, outlining your qualifications and experience, along with a cover letter outlining your suitability to liam@americanfootball.ie. Applications will only be accepted up to 5pm on 25th June 2018.

Short listing will apply, as does Garda/Access NI vetting procedures