High Performance Jumping Director


Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) is the Governing Body for Equestrian Sport in Ireland. The organisation is recognised by the FEI, Olympic Federation of Ireland, Sport Ireland and Sport NI. Based in Naas, HSI manages a variety of duties across the sport horse industry which includes high-performance programmes and performance targets for the Olympic discipline of Jumping. HSI now wishes to recruit the following position:


High Performance Jumping Director


The Position

This position will focus on the immediate planning and delivery of supports for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. The High Performance Jumping Director will:


  • Design, plan and implement of all elements of Horse Sport Ireland’s senior jumping performance program to ensure sustainable excellence by IRL athletes.
  • Act as the architect and custodian of the high-performance plan to deliver success at the Games.
  • Deliver consistent podium finishes at the FEI Nations Cup League 2020.
  • Take responsibility for planning, monitoring and performance at international level campaigns and Olympic competition.
  • Act as the sole selector for all Teams events and the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.
  • Conduct ongoing reviews and monitoring of high-performance results against set objectives.
  • Provide advice, guidance and support to Athletes to ensure optimal performances.
  • Monitor the form and soundness of competition horses and the form of athletes in order to identify and communicate areas for improvement, as appropriate.
  • Monitoring includes attendance at international shows as required by HSI, to view combinations.


The Person


  • The role requires an experienced leader with deep understanding of the sport, modern high performance system, current developments and international best practice.
  • The position requires strong leadership, people management, communication and stakeholder management skills to ensure sustainable excellence from Irish jumping athletes.
  • The position requires a thorough knowledge of competition at international level, an exemplary track record of achievement at the high performance level along with the passion, energy and drive to succeed. The ability to manage at a high achievers level, set goals and standards, monitor and act on performance and take necessary remedial action will be required.
  • The key competencies required for this role include but are not limited to major event experience, proven leadership experience, goal/KPI setting, demonstrated planning and execution skills, logistical and operational experience.
  • The position will hold a significant responsibility in terms of the contribution of owners, support staff, industry participants, media and the supporting public and will act at all times with integrity and honesty as an Irish representative.



The High Performance Jumping Director will report directly to the CEO. The successful candidate will operate under a Contract for Services Agreement until the 1st November 2020.


Application Process


Candidates wishing to apply for this post should e-mail a Curriculum Vitae and Covering Letter to:


Mr Brian MacNeice

Kotinos Partners

Merrion Buildings

18-20 Merrion Street

Dublin 2



Covering letter should state why you think that you are suited to this particular role and highlight relevant experience, skills and qualifications.


Application deadline: Close of Business 6th December 2019