By now you may have heard about the Federation of Irish Sport Insurance Scheme which has been available to FIS Members since late 2012. This group scheme was designed in association with BHP Insurances to provide affordable, tailored, quality insurance cover to NGBs and sports clubs. However, if you aren’t accustomed to purchasing insurance it can sometimes be hard to see the difference between the many types of cover available and to decide what type of insurance your organisation needs. Here we have given a brief overview of five popular types of insurance which are relevant to almost all NGBs and sports clubs in Ireland.

Public Liability Insurance covers the costs of claims made by third parties who have suffered bodily injury or damage to their property, as a result of accidental means, while on the Insured’s property or as a result of the Insured’s activities. For a sports club the third parties would include spectators and supporters who come to events on your grounds. For example if a spectator was injured by a falling goalpost, Public Liability Insurance would cover the legal costs associated with a claim pursued by the injured party against the Insured Club as well as any damages awarded.

Employers Liability Insurance provides protection to the employers and volunteers where an employee suffers disease, fatality, or injury as a result of workplace conditions or practices and makes a claim. Even with the best risk management and health and safety procedures in place accidents can still happen so it is vital to ensure your organisation and employees are fully protected.

Directors and Officers Insurance protects the people running the NGB and sports club. Directors and Officers can be held personally liable if they are found to be in breach of their duties, even if they are volunteers. The duties of Directors and Officers can be wide-ranging and complex and so breaches can be made unintentionally. For this reason alone it is important that all NGBs and sports clubs arrange Directors and Officers Insurance.

Property Insurance provides protection against damage to your property from a variety of causes such as fire, theft or flood damage. The buildings ,sports grounds and equipment your club owns represent a huge financial investment. On top of that, without the proper venue many clubs would be unable to operate. Property Insurance will ensure that should something happen, repairs would be carried out quickly, with minimal interruption and cost to you.

Personal Accident Insurance provides cover in the form of specified benefits to protect the Insured Person in the event of accidental bodily injury resulting in death and/or temporary or permanent disablement from usual full time occupation. The benefit will be payable for a specified period following an accident. Injuries are an operational hazard for athletes and while thankfully most are minor, there are cases where a person will be forced to takes weeks or even months off work to recover. Personal Accident Insurance is the best way to ensure that taking part in the sport you love doesn’t end up causing you and your family unexpected financial hardship.The descriptions given here are general. It is important you thoroughly read each individual insurance policy and ensure you understand exactly what is covered and any exclusions or excess which may apply.

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Testimonial from Federation member:

‘CPSI were impressed by BHP Insurances professional approach to our insurance needs and even as a smaller NGB they gave us as much time as we needed to ensure we had the right covers in place. BHP helped us introduce comprehensive personal accident insurance for all our members at a competitive rate.’ Brenda O’Donnell, Director of Sport, Cerebral Palsy Sport Ireland

The Federation of Irish Sport offers a new group insurance scheme specifically designed for National Governing Bodies, sports clubs and individuals. All members can benefit from improved levels of cover and reduced insurance rates. So to make sure that you and your members are fully protected contact Conn Mc Cluskey, Federation of Irish Sport on 01-6251155, orclick here for more information.