The Federation of Irish Sport is delighted to welcome LawOnline on board as our newest Preferred Supplier.

LawOnline is a new legal service for individuals and businesses. In brief, it allows individuals and businesses to draft highly bespoke legal documents online across a broad range of areas such as Employment, Debt Recovery, Company Formation, Commercial Leases, Powers of Attorney, Wills etc. at a very competitive cost. You can also have your document reviewed by LawOnline’s solicitors if you wish at a small extra cost.

LawOnline’s technology is similar to that in use internally in many major global law firms, and LawOnline is now making this available to Irish businesses and individuals.

But what benefit is this to Irish sport?

LawOnline’s Wills service specifically enables the making of legacy gifts to amateur Irish sports clubs.

A gift or an inheritance made to an amateur Irish sports club is exempt from tax in the hands of the club to the extent that the Revenue Commissioners are satisfied that it has been, or will be, applied to purposes which are either ‘public’ or ‘charitable’.

LawOnline enables you to either draft your Will or – if you already have made a Will – to amend it. Their drafting processes also specifically cater for individuals who wish to make a legacy gift to an amateur Irish sports club.

Find out more about LawOnline’s unique service by clicking here.