Government funding in sport

  • Government funding commenced in a meaningful fashion in 1997, and peaked in 2008 at €234m.
  • Due to the economic downturn, funding in sport has dropped considerably since 2008.
  • The Federation is therefore committed to restoring sports funding to pre-recession levels.

Sport & the economy

  • Sport sector supports 40,000 indigenous jobs across every constituency in Ireland.
  • Sport also generates €1.9 billion in household spending, according to 2010 study by Indecon and the Irish Sports Council.
  • Government gets a return of €149 for every €100 invested in sport, showing significant return on current and capital investment programmes.
  • Sport contributes 1.4% of GDP

Sport & health

  • According to a study carried out in 2008 by the Irish Sports Council and the ESRI, the average person participating in sport is 14 years younger in health terms.
  • Physical inactivity responsible for 6% of deaths globally.
  • €1.6 billion is the estimated cost of physical inactivity in Ireland.

Sport & tourism

  • According to a study by Fáilte Ireland, Ireland generated over €1 billion from sports tourism in 2013.
  • Sport is regarded as one of the fastest growing niches of the $4.5 trillion global tourism industry.
  • Golf brought in 163,000 visitors to Ireland in 2012, generating an income of €202 million. It is estimated that each golf tourist is worth €1,200.
  • An Ireland v England rugby match is worth €83 million to Dublin.

Sport & community

  • Sport is the largest single source of volunteering in Ireland with over 500,000 people volunteering in sport each week.
  • 38% of Irish adults are members of a sports club.
  • Sport is also known to reduce anti-social behaviour.