Rowing Ireland has launched ROWKYO in preparation for the 2020 Olympics.




What is Rowkyo?

Rowkyo is a Rowing Ireland initiative, designed to support clubs and help manage the inevitable interest in the sport in the run-up to the 2020 Olympics. Rowing in the Olympics is scheduled for the last week of July 2020. We want to assist support you for this increased attraction to our sport.

Ireland has currently qualified four boats for the 2020 Olympics, and we are expecting significant interest in Rowing as a result. This will be a hectic time for all of us as the Games will inevitably generate interest in our sport.


Why should clubs get involved?

In all previous Olympics, there has been a surge in sport. In 2016, we saw significant interest in Rowing from the success of all our athletes. This time we know, it will happen again, and we want to help clubs prepare for this with the resources that we have available.


How Will Rowing Ireland Support Clubs?

Rowkyo Support

For signing up to Club Rowkyo, Rowing Ireland will provide;

  • Advance workshops and introductory coaching courses in specific areas.
  • Support throughout 2020 activating women in your club under our Women in Sport (coaching and officiating) programme.
  • Branded promotional material – posters, leaflets etc.
  • Planning and support for Work with clubs who sign up to Rowkyo 2020 to support/organise and plan learn to row sessions. In certain areas of the country and where clubs want assistance we can facilitate through the Community coaches (Get Going..Get Rowing)
  • Support over Rowkyo Club Festival of Rowing (8th of August)
  • Media packs for clubs
  • Club and events promotion through the Rowing Ireland Website and direct links to Rowkyo clubs.
  • Partnership with #20×20 as they launch their club charters


Promotion through Rowing Ireland’s Website & Social Media

As a part Rowkyo, Rowing Ireland will provide clubs promotion on our website and social media. Members of Rowkyo will also be promoted on a new club finder, to help the general public to access Rowkyo clubs and find contact details easily.


How to Sign Up

  • Identify your Club Rowkyo Leader
  • Sign up for Rowkyo here.


Deadline to sign up: 30th April