Galway Sports Partnership (GSP) has launched its new virtual physical activity challenge. Race around Galway is GSP’s biggest and most ambitious challenge yet and is aimed at those who are looking for some inspiration to start their fitness journey or motivation to keep their journey going strong throughout 2021.

The programme asks participants to cover the equivalent mileage of the circumference of Galway, 356 miles / 573 km by walking, running and/or cycling. Entrants can start the programme anytime from 1st July but must have reached their target by 31st December. Entrants to this virtual challenge will use an app to record their progress and enter a leaderboard or alternatively, they will be asked to upload their mileage online.

As the participant reaches significant milestones along the way, GSP will arrange for participants to receive a postcard of a beautiful Galway landmark to promote the amenities on offer along with some information on local walks and hikes.

The programme starts on 1st July and will run throughout the remainder of 2021. There is a charge of €20 per person and upon completion, the participant will receive a specially commissioned, Galway inspired medal and a t-shirt as a memento for this incredible achievement.

“When designing this programme, we were adamant that we wanted to promote the whole county this summer whilst incorporating a big challenge. We have a huge appetite in Galway for activity, challenges and competition and this programme definitely meets all three!

AS the different lockdowns lifted, more and more people went out discovering their locality and what they found was unexpected. There is an appreciation for our surroundings and how lucky we are to be in Galway like never before.

We know this is an ambitious challenge but when broken down, a 45 min walk 3 times a week will go a long way to achieving this incredible goal! This programme is for everyone, irrelevant of ability, fitness, background or location, don’t be intimidated by the high number of kms, take your time and work towards your goal your way.  In the end, the beautiful medal and t-shirt really add to that sense of achievement.

We also wanted to cater for those who have not had a chance to visit Galway in so long. The medal and t-shirt are designed to bring a closer connection to Galway for participants, whilst the postcards bring to life why Galway is so special and provides inspiration for excursions in the future.

It is no secret that we live in the most beautiful county in the country and this summer, we found a way to promote Galway and keep people active at the same time. There will be plenty of tips and guidance on where some of Galway’s hidden gems are located and how both entrants and their families can explore them safely throughout the summer.

By combining exercise with enjoying and exploring places in and around Galway, we believe this is the perfect programme to get out, get active and explore.”

  • Louise Burke, Galway Sports Partnership Coordinator


For more information regarding the Race Around Galway, please see Galway Sports Partnership Facebook page or email

To enter, go to Galway Sports Partnership on Facebook or on Eventbrite