Swim Ireland, ‘Swim for a Mile Challenge 2014’

This week the Federation spoke to Swim Ireland the grand prize winners of the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund 2013 about their winning project ‘Swim for a Mile Challenge’ …


Swim Ireland was today named as the overall winner of this year?s Coca-Cola Thank You Fund and was awarded a top prize of ¤25,00

With over 230,000 adults swimming every week in Ireland why do you think swimming is so popular?

From physical to psychological, health and social benefits, swimming is a fantastic sport available to EVERYONE; young and old, big and small, anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a great athlete for swimming to be beneficial and fun!

Once someone has learned to swim they acquire a life skill allowing them to be safer in the water and they will have gained the skill and ability to use the activity as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.


What is your advice to someone who has not been swimming regularly but would like to sign up for the ‘Swim for a Mile Challenge’?

Just Do It!! The first step is to find your local pool on Swim Ireland’s Pool Locator on the website. The swimming programme is designed for those who can swim a little and builds up over the course of the 12 weeks. We have also produced a guide for adults to get back into the pool which answers questions like: what do I bring? Where can I buy a swimsuit?


What can people expect from the training programme provided to help them reach their goal?

There are 12 and 8 week programmes available. The 12 week programme is for those who can swim but it’s been a while since they have been in the pool or taken any exercise. The 8 week 2010 LEN European Long Course Swimming Championships - Ireland Training Sessionprogramme is for fitter members of the population. In both programmes you will get 3 sessions with direction and details of exactly what you need to do – we will also be providing free coaching sessions in the 5 flagship pools and through the Swim for a Mile website and social media sites you will be able to watch video demonstrations and ask questions.

Today FM’s Matt Cooper and former Irish International and double Olympian Melanie Nocher are both ambassadors for the programme and will be encouraging people throughout the 12 weeks. We will also follow the journey of three people taking part in the programme through Matt’s radio show “The Last Word” on Today FM.

As a qualified swim teacher, Melanie will be available through the e-mail swimforamile@swimireland.ie to answer questions and queries throughout the 12 weeks.

Swimming is for everyone! Can the whole family take part in the ‘Swim for a Mile Challenge 2014’?

The ‘Swim for a  Mile Challenge’ is open for those aged 16 and over only. Parents, grandparents, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters are all encouraged to participate as long as they meet the age requirement.

What do you hope people will gain from the ‘Swim for a Mile Challenge’ project?

Our overall aim is to encourage participation in swimming and we hope that from taking part people will lead more active, healthier lifestyles. The mile is a set goal to strive for and we hope that people can reach this through the programmes.

Through the programme people will become more familiar with their local swimming pools and clubs and we hope that they will continue to participate in swimming. We are planning the “Swim for a Mile Challenge” as an annual event and hopefully they will return in 2015 with the goal of lowering their mile swim time.

Where and when will the ‘Swim for a Mile Challenge’ events be taking place?

31st March 2014 Leisureworld, Bishopstown, Cork
1st April 2014 UL Sport Limerick
2nd April 2014 Kingfisher NUI Galway
3rd April 2014 Bangor Aurora Leisure Centre
4th April 2014 National Aquatic Centre, Dublin


How will people be able to sign up to take part?

Registration for ‘Swim for a Mile’ will open through www.swimforamile.com in December 2013.



Describe what people can expect on the day of the ‘Swim for a Mile Challenge’ ?

People can expect a fun and lively atmosphere at each of the centres over the five days. Goodie bags will be given to each participant with specially designed swim hats for the event. Participants will be appointed into lanes across the pool depending on their expected mile times ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable experience in the pool.

Thanks again for your time and perhaps you have some more information on other projects and programmes that Swim Ireland are running?

Swim Ireland runs numerous projects; from ‘Swim a Song’ for babies to our Child and Adult Learn to Swim Programmes. You can find information on everything you need to know on www.swimireland.ie

For further information e-mail swimforamile@swimireland.ie or visit www.swimforamile.com from 6th December 2013.