Federation of Irish Sport Welcomes Government’s Long-Term Commitment to Sport in Project 2040 Development Plan

Press Release

16th February 2018

The Federation of Irish Sport welcomes the Government’s long-term commitment to the development of sport in Ireland as outlined in its Project 2040 Development Plan published today.   In particular, the Federation welcomes the commitment to: –

  • a Sports Capital Fund of €100 million over the next 4 years
  • the completion of the National Sports Campus by 2021 with more new facilities for sports such as cricket and tennis.
  • a new Large Scale Infrastructure Fund of €100 million for larger sports projects.

The Federation welcomes the commitment to funding of facilities that undoubtedly will positively transform the sporting landscape.  We remain conscious however of the importance of the availability of qualified people and targeted programmes to allow the potential of any sports facility to be maximised.  In this regard, we will continue to work on behalf of our members to ensure that the current funding that plays a crucial role in supporting these people and programmes increases in the coming years.



For further information, please contact:-

Mary O’Connor, Chief Executive, Federation of Irish Sport Tel: 086 0437884