Dated 25/8/2020

Updated information from Sport Ireland.

Please be advised of the following guidance in respect of parent/guardian attendance at underage activity.

The recent Regulations announced by Government aim at decreasing the congregation of Groups in social settings and to assist with contact tracing where required. Public health and reducing the risk of Covid-19 transmission remains the overarching priority.

It is acknowledged that some parents/guardians may wish to attend sporting events, competition and training in a supervisory capacity. In such cases, parents/guardians are not classified as spectators.

Each sporting organisation will need to determine if they can facilitate such attendance. Sporting organisations who choose to permit attendance should ensure that strict adherence to social distancing and public health guidelines is maintained at all times. At a minimum, the following measures should be implemented by organisers:

  1. No more than 1 designated individual attending the session per child/family/group of children.
  2. Overall numbers are kept to a minimum and in line with the space available in the venue/facility.
  3. Electronic Contact Tracing & Health Questionnaires are completed by parents/guardians in advance of attendance.

Each sporting organisation must ensure that there are robust mechanisms in place to limit overall numbers, assist with contact tracing and implement compliance with social distancing and other public health guidelines.