Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership

The Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership is responsible for the administration of the “Sport for Young People – Small Grants Scheme”, which was previously administered by the City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee and more recently, the Dublin City Sports Network.

The Purpose of the Partnership

Improving quality of life

To improve the quality of life of people living in and working in Dublin city regardless of age or ability.

Providing opportunities

To provide opportunities for people living in, working in and visiting Dublin city to partake in sports and physical activities through facilities, infrastructure, services, programmes and events.


To have Dublin city recognised as the national and international leader in sports and wellbeing The Partnership is led by Dublin City Council and guided by a high level board of advisors chaired by Irish Grand Slam winning rugby captain Fiona Coghlan

Fitter, happier and healthier people will be at the core of what the Partnership will do into the future by taking a more strategic and consolidated approach to how sport is delivered across the city with an enhanced emphasis on health and wellbeing.

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