An integrated solution for
the Management of Governance, Risk & Compliance

In recent years we have seen an increase in both public and regulatory scrutiny in sporting bodies. Governance issues making headlines and the introduction of Governance Codes have meant that GRC is the top of many organisations agendas.
Public & Private Funding is now dependant on the organisation being compliant. Good governance is expected, and is necessary to avoid any potential reputation damage. To add to this, the list of compliance obligations is continually growing; GDPR, Safeguarding, Vetting, Governance Codes, etc. The responsibility and subsequent workload on staff and volunteers is increasing.

CalQRisk is the solution

CalQRisk Sport is built on our 15 years as a leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance serving clients across industry and Government.
We applied our award-winning technology and methods to solve some of the most pressing issues facing those who manage and run Irish and International Sport, governance and compliance.

Key Benefits of using CalQRisk

  • CalQRisk Sport is designed with and for Irish sport, with input from NGBs, our partner the Federation of Irish Sport and leading practitioners.
  • Platform based on 15 years experience providing compliance and governance solutions to clients in highly regulated environments.
  • CalQRisk gives the CEO and Board the power to see the entire organisation at depth.
  • CalQRisk gives sports bodies a unified and easy to deploy process to make good governance a living part of your sport.
  • Create and manage risk registers with ease.

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