The Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin TD, and the Minister of State for Sport and Physical Education, Thomas Byrne TD, today announced a €2.5 million investment under Phase II of the Sports Energy Support Scheme. This funding will provide support to over 1,900 clubs, community-led sports facilities, National Facilities and Major Stadiums in Ireland, to meet the rising energy costs associated with the provision of sport.

Building on the support previously provided by the Government last winter, this funding stream aims to help alleviate financial pressure as a result of increased energy costs on sports organisations, and ensure the sustainability of Irish sports clubs.

Under the Phase I of the Scheme, which covered energy costs for the period up to 31 March, €21 million was distributed through Sport Ireland Recognised National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs) to support over 2,000 affiliated clubs and facilities, €1.8 million of which was provided to the National Sports Campus.

Phase II of the Scheme extended the eligibility period to cover energy costs for April and May and sports clubs and organisations that did not apply under Phase I, were able to make an application for funding. In addition, community-owned sports facilities not affiliated specifically to an NGB or who did not qualify for other government support schemes, were able to receive support through their Local Sports Partnership (LSP). This ensured that grassroots and community sport received maximum support.

This latest investment highlights the Government’s strong commitment to supporting Irish sports clubs and facilities throughout the country.

Minister Martin, said:

“The benefits of sport and physical activity to health and wellbeing are well known and there are many cross-cutting benefits from investing in sport. Many sports clubs and organisations continue to experience financial pressures due to increased energy costs, and the extension of the Sports Energy Support Scheme will further support the sector. The scheme has now distributed over €23.5 million to clubs and facilities across the entire sporting community and throughout the country.”

In addition, Minister Byrne, said:

“Funding to sport has grown very significantly in the lifetime of this Government and this further investment of €2.5 million demonstrates our on-going commitment to assist sports clubs and organisations through the current difficult environment of increased operating costs. I want to thank the Sport Ireland team for all their hard work in administering the scheme and for their on-going support of the grassroots network of clubs and local sports partnerships, making sure sport remains accessible to all.

Speaking on behalf of Sport Ireland, Dr. Una May, said:

“We would like to thank Ministers Martin and Byrne for their ongoing support. The re-opening of the Sports Energy Support Scheme demonstrates the Government’s dedication to alleviating the impact of increased energy costs on sports clubs and organisations, allowing them to continue providing access to sport and physical activity throughout 2023.”


Breakdown of Allocations:

NGB Facility Allocation Club Allocation Total
Gaelic Athletic Association 343,500 910,000 1,253,500
Irish Rugby Football Union                                                     – 159,100 159,100
Irish Sailing                                                     – 90,400 90,400
Football Association of Ireland 81,000                                 – 81,000
Athletics Ireland                                                     – 59,000 59,000
Rowing Ireland 23,000 26,500 49,500
Gymnastics Ireland                                                     – 41,700 41,700
Snooker & Billiards Ireland 30,000 6,000 36,000
Camogie Association                                                     – 26,000 26,000
GAA Handball                                                     – 25,000 25,000
Irish Squash                                                     – 23,000 23,000
Canoeing Ireland 5,150 16,800 21,950
Swim Ireland 20,000                                 – 20,000
Pitch & Putt                                                     – 19,500 19,500
Basketball Ireland 4,900 6,250 11,150
Weightlifting Ireland                                                     – 9,000 9,000
Diving Ireland 2,200 5,100 7,300
Cricket Ireland 700 6,100 6,800
Irish Athletic Boxing Association 6,350                                 – 6,350
Badminton Ireland                                                     – 5,350 5,350
Bowling League of Ireland                                                     – 1,950 1,950
Racquetball Association of Ireland                                                     – 700 700
Total : National Governing Bodies 516,800 1,437,450 1,954,250
Cork Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 100,000 100,000
Carlow Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 90,000 90,000
Galway Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 50,000 50,000
Meath Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 47,000 47,000
Sligo Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 40,000 40,000
Clare Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 35,000 35,000
Limerick Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 35,000 35,000
Donegal Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 30,000 30,000
Mayo Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 29,000 29,000
Monaghan Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 22,000 22,000
Tipperary Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 22,000 22,000
Laois Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 20,000 20,000
Kerry Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 18,000 18,000
Louth Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 15,000 15,000
Offaly Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 10,000 10,000
Westmeath Local Sports Partnership                                                     – 3,000 3,000
Total : Local Sports Partnerships                                                     –   566,000 566,000
Grand Total 516,800 2,003,450 2,520,250