UACHTARÁN na hÉireann



May I send my best wishes to all those attending this morning’s CEO Forum, as the Federation of Irish Sport prepares to launch its  20th anniversary commemoration celebrations.

The work of the Irish Sporting Federation makes a critical contribution to the mental and physical health of our citizens. Sport has always played a critical role in the building of sustainable communities, connecting neighbour to neighbour, promoting intergenerational solidarity and helping to create societies that are ethical and inclusive. It is through sport that many people build strong friendships, develop a sense of belonging, and become open to new possibilities and opportunities. Engaging in sporting activities also, of course, has many physical benefits including the reduction of stress, the enhancement of energy levels and the decreased risk of developing a large number of serious or chronic illnesses.

By promoting sport, and encouraging citizens to become involved in sporting activities, the Federation of Irish Sport has enriched and impacted positively on many lives across the past two decades. That is an achievement of which you can be very proud indeed.

I have no doubt you will face many new challenges as you continue your important work. I equally have no doubt you will rise to those challenges with the passion and generous spirit that defines all you do.

I wish you a most enjoyable 20th anniversary celebration, and every success in all your future endeavours.

Michael D. Higgins

Uachtarán na hÉireann

President of Ireland