Limerick Sports Partnership have several Women in Sport programmes taking place each year. The aim of this Women in Sport Initiative is to increase participation of women of all ages in sport and provide them with information regarding sports and physically active programmes, events and clubs that are available in local areas. Some programmes include:

Women on Wheels:
This is a cycling programme that takes place in two different locations- The Western Greenway and the various roads and cycle lanes around East Limerick. Approximately 60 women take part in this programme at various times throughout the year.

Turbo Cycling:
This is a 12-week indoor winter programme that takes place each January. This programme prepares participants for taking part in the outdoor programme, covering bike skills and increasing their fitness.

Couch to 5km:
LSP facilitate numerous couch to 5km programmes at various times throughout the year in preparation for local events including ‘The Great Limerick Run’ and the ‘Womens Mini Marathon’.

Womens Physical Activity and Wellbeing Programmes:
LSP link directly with many services and organisations to facilitate appropriate programmes specifically for women e.g. ADAPT House, DEPPs

Since the 20×20 campaign was launched, Limerick LSP have an SDO partially dedicated to the area of Women in Sport. Many new programmes have also been launched in the last 12 months:

Buggy Buddies:
This is a mother toddler programme, whereby mothers can bring their buggies with them. This is both an indoor and outdoor programme and has so far taken place in two locations across Limerick.

Mum on the Move:
This programme targets mothers who have just dropped their kids off to school. Local facilities are promoted and utilised, in an effort to encourage mothers to meet up themselves and do some physical activity in the morning.

Discover Fitness:
This was a new programme set up in 2019, specifically for women from different cultures and backgrounds. The aim of this programme was to make participants aware of the different physical activity opportunities and safe environments available across the city and instill motivation and confidence to become physically active.

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