Kerry Recreation & Sports Partnership (KRSP) was established in response to the Irish Sports Council’s (ISC) Local Sports Partnership national initiative. The ISC viewed the Local Sports Partnership network as a means to developing and delivering sport and physical activity at a local level.


Kerry Local Sports Partnership was formally recognised in December 2003 to achieve these objectives in Kerry. In April 2011 Kerry Local Sports Partnership rebranded and launched under a new name “Kerry Recreation & Sports Partnership” to reflect the Partnership’s focus on recreational activity as well as on mainstream sports. The Partnership structure is made up of representatives from a variety of agencies and communities within Kerry, and operates as a sub-structure of the Local Community Development Committee, formally the County Development Board. Presently staff compliment is two members, which is comprised of a coordinator and administrator.


What We Do

We encourage, promote and support the people of Kerry to participate in sport and physical activity, providing information and training, and implementing, coordinating and supporting a wide variety of programmes, activities and initiatives across the county. We seek to develop a pro-active culture towards active living.


How We Do It

KRSP works in partnership with the Irish Sports Council, local agencies and sporting organisations to facilitate and lead opportunities for people to participate in sport and physical activity in County Kerry.  Through consultation with organisations and individuals, both at local and national level, the needs of and opportunities for the people of Kerry are discussed.  As a result we develop, co-ordinate, and jointly deliver and support programmes, courses and activities for individuals, organisations and communities.


Who Can Participate

Everyone in Kerry has the right to participate in sport and physical activity.  In particular we will focus on encouraging increases in levels of participation amongst specific target groups:

  • Older Adults
  • Women/Girls
  • People with a Disability
  • Community based initiatives



Participation Programmes & Events


 Kerry 2




National Bike Week 

A growing number of initiatives were rolled out during 2014 National Bike Week, which included many community led cycling events and cycling club led bike maintenance educational workshops.



Kerry 3

Also growing in popularity is ‘Pedal In The Park’. This family fun cycle is held in conjunction with the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle, which is a 112 mile circuit around the ‘Ring of Kerry’.  There is only one route on the Ring of Kerry Cycle, therefore no option for a shorter route or indeed a family friendly fun cycle.  Therefore the Pedal in the Park is run on the eve of the Ring of Kerry so as to ensure all ages and abilities are catered for.

Pedal in the Park, offers a choice of a 5k or 10k route, around the beautiful surrounding of Killarney National Park.  This year approximately 500 participants, young and old, took part in the cycle.


Kerry 4


Trek Tralee

This year saw the inaugural Radio Kerry Trek Tralee take place. Participants had the option of an easy 6km, or a slightly more vigorous 8km route.


Trek Tralee is an initiative developed by local volunteers with the objectives of showcasing the environs of Tralee for those interested in fit and healthy lifestyles, in particular for casual and family walking groups. The Trek has a secondary objective of providing a fundraising opportunity for locally based charities, with the focus this year being on mental health and the associated positive benefits of physical activity.


Over 350 people took part in the inaugural walk.


To see a video of Trek Tralee 2014, visit:


 Kerry 5


Operation Transformation

RTE’s Operation Transformation teamed up once again with the Irish Sports Council and Local Sports Partnerships by organising a number of special Operation Transformation National Walks which took place in 42 locations all around Ireland, the highest number to date.


In Kerry, 3000 walkers stepped out in Killarney National Park to support Operation Transformation Leader Paudie O’ Mahoney. Walkers had the option of completing a 5k or 10k walk and a number of establishments in Killarney town offered healthy options and a complimentary tea & coffee after the event



Swim For All

Swim For All is an adapted physical activity inclusive swim programme for young people with disabilities.  The programme is devised based on individual needs, abilities and goals, where participants are offered one on one or group instruction depending on the swimmers



This programme is facilitated by Kerry Recreation & Sports Partnership through the support of students from the Institute of Technology Tralee (Health & Leisure Programme).


The programme has been in existence for 3 years and is certainly going from strength to strength.  Currently 60 participants are taking part in the programme which operates in 2 venues across Kerry


Visit our website to see a video of the programme in action:


Kerry’s Safer Cycling Programme

Kerry’s Safer Cycling programme is a collaborative initiative to help primary school children to learn how to cycle in a safe and appropriate manner.  The aims of the programme are:


  • To introduce and develop basic bicycle control skills
  • To empower young students with the confidence to use their bike more often


Training is delivered over 5 sessions, 1 hour per week and includes the following topics:-


  • Introduction to road safety & road signs
  • Safety equipment – clothing & helmet
  • Bike check
  • Procedures for start, stop and emergency stop
  • Signalling, and turning
  • Games & bike skills
  • Group cycling


To date 4 schools reflective of 101 children have completed the training in Kerry with further training being rolled out Autumn 2014.


Training & Development:


Kerry Recreation & Sports Partnership is charged with maintaining and increasing participation in sport and physical activity in the County. Our remit embraces the provision of information and training opportunities within Kerry. As a result a number of education and training workshops and courses are delivered through KRSP.


Kerry 6

Code of Ethics

To date over 1700 coaches and volunteers have attended the Code of Ethics courses throughout Kerry.

Children’s Officer

To date over 60 coaches and volunteers have attended the Children’s Officer Workshops throughout Kerry.


Additional training and development opportunities include:


  • BeActive ASAP
  • Buntus Start
  • Disability Inclusion Training
  • Sports First Aid


Our Vision is:


More people participating in sport and physical activity in County Kerry


And with the support of our partners and through the rollout of our programmes, events and training opportunities we strive everyday to achieve this.