Wednesday 8 July 2020:​ World Archery (WA) has awarded the World Archery Youth  Championships (WAYC) 2023 to Limerick. The decision will see in excess of 500 young  athletes competing in the city for the title of World Youth Champion. The event will bring an  international spotlight on Ireland and Limerick. Archery Ireland, the National Governing  Body for the sport have welcomed the decision. “​As the sponsoring body for this bid we are  delighted to bring international competition to Ireland, and we are confident that Limerick  and the region will provide a memorable occasion for all the athletes competing in 2023 ​ ”  said Archery Ireland President, Kevin MacDermott.      This will be the second World Archery Championship to be hosted in Ireland over the past  decade, the World Archery Field Championship was successfully hosted in Bray in 2016  and that experience has been recognised by World Archery. “​Before 2016, Ireland had  never hosted a World Archery event. But we are proud that we will build on the success of  the competition held in Dublin and the passion of the organisers to return with another  championship in 2023, ​ ” said World Archery Secretary General, Tom Dielen.    The main venue for the week-long competition will be the University of Limerick, with the  finals being hosted in the city centre, providing an opportunity for the public to witness  world class sport at close range. Bid committee director Adam Taylor said: “​This is fantastic  news for archery in Ireland. While a lot of hard work has already gone into this bid we are  looking forward to welcoming everyone to Limerick in 2023 and showcasing what Ireland  has to offer. ​ ”    Archery Ireland believes the host city will bring a unique atmosphere to the World  Championships, the reputation of the region and the work and support already received  from partners in the region promises a memorable event for all involved as well as a  welcome boost for the local economy. WAYC 2019 attracted in excess of 800 competitors  and officials from 63 countries when it was hosted in Madrid.    ENDS    For further informatio