A gift or an inheritance made to an amateur Irish sports club is exempt from tax in the hands of the club to the extent that the Revenue Commissioners are satisfied that it has been, or will be, applied to purposes which are either ‘public’ or ‘charitable’.
LawOnline enables you to either draft your Will or – if you already have made a Will – to amend it. Our drafting processes also specifically cater for individuals who wish to make a legacy gift to an amateur Irish sports club.
Having made your Will you can also have it reviewed – to ensure that it meets all of your needs – by LawOnline’s solicitors www.williamjbrennan.com for a small additional cost.


Depending on your status choose the appropriate Will drafting process from the list below. Where a couple both wish to make identical Wills choose either the mirror or mutual Will options (mutual Wills are based on an agreement that neither spouse or civil partner may later cancel or change their Will without the consent of the other person).

Comprehensive Will for A Married Person or Civil Partner

Comprehensive Will for An Unmarried Person

Mutual Will for Married Couples or Civil Partners

Mirror Will for Married Couples or Civil Partners

Letter of Wishes


If you have already made a Will you can amend it to make a legacy gift to an amateur Irish sports club using this document.
Amend your Will to Make a Gift to an Amateur Irish Sports Club

You may find the following easy-to-read guides and ‘how-to’ video useful in preparing to make or amend your Will.

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