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Cerebral Palsy Sport Ireland (CPSI) and Paralympics Ireland are jointly seeking to appoint a Team Manager to lead the preparation of the Irish 7-a-side Football Team for the period 2015 & 2016 culminating in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. The primary focus for the successful applicant will be achieving a qualification slot for the 2016 Paralympic Games at the 2015 World Championships in England and a top 5 placing at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. The Irish Football 7-a-side Team is a high performance football team supported by a range of stakeholders including the Irish Sports Council, Paralympics Ireland and the Football Association of Ireland. The team is currently ranked 6th. In the last two major competitions, the 2013 Intercontinental Cup and the 2014 European Championships, the team reached the semifinals. With only 8 teams slots on offer for Rio 2016, the target is to ensure Ireland qualifies for the Games.


Position Title: Football 7 a-side Team Manager
Reporting to: Football 7 a-side High Performance Committee


Job Outline

The position holder will be responsible for developing, coordinating and managing the Irish 7-a-side Football Team for the 2015 World Championships and the 2016 Paralympic Games. This includes working with the National 7-a-side Football Coach on all logistical matters for the team at all events on the 2015 and 2016 Football Performance Plans. The Football 7-a-side Team Manager is also responsible for working with Paralympics Ireland on all aspects of the team’s preparation, departure to and logistical organisation of the football team for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games throughout the entire preparation period of 2015 and 2016. The Football 7-a-side Team Manager will also work closely with the Director of Sport for CPSI, helping to develop, administer and co-ordinate the High Performance Plan including all budgetery aspects. The primary objective is to permit the players and their coaches to focus solely on their pre event training plan and their competition performance. The role of the Football 7-aside Football Team Manager includes contributing to the development of a positive team spirit and the creation of an ethos of elite performance by each player and the Football 7-a-side support staff team. Paralympic Games Status: It is envisaged that the Football 7-a-side Team Manager (conditional on the Football Team qualifying for the Games) will attend the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games with the Irish Team, will be fully accredited, and reside in the Paralympic Village.* This is a voluntary position however, subject to successful completion of the agreed annual work programme, an honorarium may be paid.

*All appointments for the Paralympic Games are at the sole discretion of Paralympics Ireland and are conditional on the number of accreditations available to the overall team in 2016
FT7 Football Team Manager Roles:

1) Pre Paralympic Games duties:
*Plan, organise and support players and coaches at designated CPSI and Paralympics Ireland camps and training sessions.
*Working with the CPSI Director of Sport and National Football 7-a-side Coach to ensure that all squad requirements are reflected in annual performance plans and Rio 2016 preparations.
*Management of the annual Football 7-a-side performance budget in accordance with the performance plan agreed between CPSI & Paralympics Ireland.
*Reporting Lead for all Football 7 a-side staff.
*Presentation of detailed monthly reports to the Football 7-a-side High Performance Committee, CPSI Director of Sport and Paralympics Ireland
Performance Manager.

*Annual performance planning with Paralympics Ireland working closely with CPSI to develop.

*Ensure that all Football 7 a-side team and staff members are fully compliant with CPSI and Paralympics Ireland policies and procedures where appropriate particularly in relation to anti-doping and safeguarding

*Work with CPSI & Paralympics Ireland where appropriate to develop specific policies including:
o International Selection Criteria for competitons including appeals
process (one Document per competition)
o An Athlete code of Conduct
o National Squad athlete agreements
*Specific sport entry details submitted on request and in adherence to deadlines.
*Needs analysis on coordination and participation of Irish players at Paralympics Ireland training camps at home and abroad.
*Collation of apparel, travel and biographical information for football team members.
*Coordinate the nomination of athletes and support staff for football 7-a-side on behalf of the Football 7-a-side High Performance Committee after applying pre agreed selection criteria to CPSI (2015) and Paralympics Ireland (2016)
*Participation on the Rio Leadership Team Programme.
*Attendance at educational seminars organised by Paralympics Ireland/ISC/IIS when appropriate.
*Attendance, with full team, at Paralympics Ireland Team Development Camps and Conferences during 2015 and 2016 as outlined in the Rio 2016 Programme.
*Liaison with Paralympics Ireland/ISC/IIS on the development and delivery of Rio local environment strategies.
*Adherence to all Paralympics Ireland deadlines in relation to Rio 2016 preparation.
2) Attendance at events coordinated by Paralympics Ireland in order to fully prepare the Irish Paralympic Team for Rio 2016, including but not exclusive to Domestic Multisport Camps (Q2 2015 and Q2,Q3 2016), Team Development Programme events (Q4 2015) and Rio 2016 Familiarisation and Holding Camps (Q3 2015 and 2016 respectively).
3) Paralympic Games duties:
*Coordinate and communicate the schedule of Irish football team competition time at the games to the football team members and Chef de Mission.
*Accompanying of football team members for classification procedures where appropriate.
*Liaising with Sports Science and Medical Team on matters relating to the Football Team in conjunction with the National Football 7-a-side  Football Coach.
*Player entry confirmation.
*Coordination of appeals/protests etc on behalf of Irish players in conjunction with the relevant Paralympics Ireland representative where appropriate to the International Federation for CP Football, the Games Organising Committee or the International Paralympic Committee.
*Liaising with the Chef de Mission on securing adequate/appropriate training time slots for Irish football team at Games Training Venues.
*Coordination of transport for the team for training and competition.
*When requested, contribute to and support the work of the Paralympics Ireland/CPSI media strategy as led by the Paralympics Ireland Communications and Events Director.
*Organisation and chairing of whole and part football team meetings.
*Liaising with Technical/Sport Information Centers (T/SIC) & ROCOG Football representatives when appropriate.
* Monitoring adherence of football team members to the Team Member Agreement, IPC Eligibility Code and Paralympics Ireland Participant  Rules.
*Attendance at Sports Managers meetings when called by the Chef de Mission.
*Management of football support staff ensuring the personal care needs of all athletes are catered for at all times
*Assist with other Irish Paralympic Team related tasks as required. (The Chef de Mission may need to re-assign roles to the FT7 Football Team Manager in order to ensure the needs of the entire Paralympic Team are met at any stage during
the games).
4) Be committed to anti-doping and the adherence of the Irish Paralympic Team to
the Irish Anti-Doping Rules & Policies.
5) The production of a detailed event report to Paralympics Ireland within 21 days of returning from the 2016 Paralympic Games highlighting the areas of potential improvement for the delivery of services for the Irish Paralympic Team for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.
6) Co-operate fully with and attend any de-brief forum after the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games once requested to do so by Paralympics Ireland.
*Weekly squad sessions every Saturday in DCU
*Attendance at all events detailed in the 2015 and 2016 performance plans including the 2015 World Championships from 15th – 29th June (exact travel days TBC)
*Attendance at Paralympics Ireland events as required, including training camps, team development events, team leadership programme, team manager meetings, planning meetings etc.
*2015 Familiarisation Camp in Uberlandia, Brazil for 10 days between the 20th August and the 5th September 2015 (exact travel days TBC)
*Pre-Games Holding Camp and Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. This period will be for approximately 4 weeks between the 20th August and the 20th September 2016 (exact travel dates TBC).
Essential Requirements:
* Experience of managing high performance squads
* High performance mindset and personal motivation
* Proven ability to operate in a pressurised environment
* Good organisational ability
* Experience of working with budgets
* Demonstrate good time management
*Demonstrate excellent communication skills
* Good knowledge of Football training principles and training regimes
* Sufficient time availability to carry out the role effectively.
* Completion of Schedule 2 of Paralympics Ireland Participant Rules.

* Extensive knowledge of the Paralympics Ireland Safeguarding Policy
* Satisfactory completion of Garda Vetting.
Desirable Requirements:
*Experience of providing service support to athletes with disabilities
*General knowledge of Football 7-side rule book and International Federation Rules including appeals process.
Interviews: Interviews for shortlisted candidates on will be convened the week commencing Jan 12th
Letter of application, with current Curriculum Vitae including a minimum of two relevant references
by 5:00pm on Monday 5th to emma@paralympics.ie:
[Note: due to the considerable time commitment required to fulfil this role, an endorsement from an
employer may be sought before any appointment is confirmed.]