The successful and enjoyable 21 Day walk/push challenge saw over 100 registrations take part. IWA Sport partnered with Get Ireland Walking with the aim to turn members leisurely walks or pushes into a habit in three weeks. Kicking off the month of November with a brilliant challenge, over 100 registered pushers and walkers received activity packs to help with this challenge. We had participants from all over Ireland including Kinsale, Dundalk, Listowel and Navan, to name a few. We also engaged with a number of new people who we haven’t previously and it showed the appetite out there for different forms of physical activity

Participants and members did a fantastic job at keeping the 21-day walk/ push challenge Facebook group active. Each day members posted selfies as well as snapshots of times and distances. We were also treated to lovely images of different scenery and even some fluffy friends accompanied people on their walk/ push. During a time where were encouraged to stay apart this virtual challenge really brought people together and a sense of community to all involved. Stay tuned on the IWA-Sport Facebook page for more challenges like this in 2021.