Our International 20×20 Women in Sport recognition Award this week is slightly different. It goes to two young Irish women who will not in fact be competing until next year but who epitomise all that is great about the 20×20 Women in Sport initiative which was set up to to promote greater participation by women in sport . At its core was the message ” If she can’t see it she can’t be it” and which drew on the power of role models to inspire women to become more involved in womens sport hopefully by participating ,but equally by supporting ,or in the case of the media by promoting womens sports! This week we would like to recognise two young Irish women who should be an inspiration to everyone as to the power of sport and what you can do if you set your mind to it.

Next year Ireland will welcome over 500 athlete from all over Europe to compete in the European Transplant and Dialysis Sports Championships which are to be held in Dublin 2-9 August 2020. The Championships which are run on a bi-annual cycle were previously held in Ireland in 2010. Next years Championships were launched in Dublin last weekend with the help of two inspirational ambassadors Susan Mulligan and Aoife Farrell both of whom intend competing in next years games. Susan had a kidney transplant just 4 months ago while Aoife has had two heart transplants. Both intend competing most likely in the 5k event.

Truly inspirational young women who are examples to all as to the importance of sport and that fact that it is a truly inclusive part of Irish life.