Our International 20×20 Women in Sport Award this week goes to one of our own for her fantastic achievements on the international stage.  Roisín Lynch who stood on not one, but two championship podiums this summer. This inspiring 70 year old triathlete won silver at both the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Lausanne and the Weert ETU Triathlon European Championships.

For over 30 years, Roisín has taken part in triathlon and was a founding member of North West Triathlon Club in Derry. Roisín, a retired school teacher, first represented Ireland in 2013 when the ITU Grand Final visited London. Wanting a new experience, Roisín took on the challenge and was thrilled to finish with 11th place in London.

This year Roisín moved into the 70 – 74 age category and has certainly made her mark with two silver medals at European and World Championship level. Speaking after her race in Lausanne, Roisín was delighted with the result

“To achieve it in Switzerland out of a field of 23 other athletes is just something I never would have believed…to achieve a silver medal has been beyond my wildest expectations! Over the moon, absolutely!”

So, what keeps Roisín Lynch in the sport after three decades of triathlon?

“I love the camaraderie of triathlons, I’ve loved the participation, I’ve loved the competition and I must say when I put my toe to the pool bank, or the sea or whatever the adrenaline kicks in then and it’s the greatest, it’s just the greatest feeling. And the sense of achievement, irrespective of where you finish, just to tick it off and say ‘there’s another one under my belt.’ ”

There is no sign of Roisín Lynch slowing down and she already has her sights set on next year’s championships in Estonia and Edmonton, Canada. Over the winter her focus will shift to doing strength and conditioning and watt bike sessions with her coach. We look forward to having Roisín as part of the Irish International Age Group team again next year!

A fantastic woman and an inspiration to all!