The Government has published the specific elements relating to Sport as part of the Project Ireland 2040 review of Capital Spending Projects.

The programme outlines an expected spend of €200 Million between 2018 and 2021 with further expansion over the period of 2022 to 2027.

€100 Million has been pledged towards maintaining the Sports Capital Programme with a further €100 Million being set aside for the establishment of the Large Scale Sports Infrastructure Fund.

The Government has also committed to the continued development of the National Sports Campus with investment being made to complete the National Indoor Arena and a new National Velodrome and Badminton Centre.

“Across the country, both tourism and sport have an important role to play in developing, and sustaining economic and social progress,” said Minister of State for Tourism and Sport speaking at the launch of ‘Linking People and Places’.

“‘Linking people and places’ will see almost €108million invested in tourism between now and 2021 and around €200million in sport over the same period.”

“This investment will benefit all regions of the country and deliver jobs and improve sports facilities in every county and we’re committed to maintaining or improving, that level of investment out to 2027.”

This document and the commitments within are related only to capital as opposed to current spending.  It is the strong view of the Federation of Irish Sport that increased spending on people and programmes will be required in order to maximise the value of this welcome investment in infrastructure.