Earlier this year Airtricity announced they would be sponsoring the Dublin Marathon and the Race Series leading up to the event. The Federation spoke to Stephen Wheeler, Managing Director, Airtricity, who kindly told us more…

Airtricity Announced as new Title Sponsor for Airtricity Dublin Marathon 2013Airtricity has a long tradition of supporting Irish Sport what do you see as the benefits for a brand such as Airtricity in supporting Irish sporting bodies or events?

Airtricity is a company rooted in Ireland with our head office based in Dublin, It’s essential to the company that we give back to local communities and we feel that supporting a sporting event is one ideal way to do this. We’re delighted that we were able to come in half way through the year and make it as successful as it was.

805698The Dublin Marathon has grown in stature over the past number of years, with 14,500 participants this year, were there any particular aspects of their success that were attractive to Airtricity in developing this new partnership?

The Dublin marathon is a showcase event for  Dublin and Ireland showing the culture at its best and we were delighted to help the Dublin Marathon achieve its goal. We also had the extra benefit of getting our staff to participate in the Marathon. We had 25 staff who took part, which promoted health and well-being within the company, whilst also raising €10,000 for our chosen charity Straight Ahead.

Has Airtricity’s approach to commercial partnerships changed in recent years?

Airtricity is naturally drawn to commercial partnerships that mirrors our core values which are green and sustainable energy for Ireland, giving back to local communities and providing superior customer experience or additional benefits to our customers and that hasn’t changed in recent years.

805707What advice would you give to any sports organisation looking to secure sponsorship in the current environment?

Look to a commercial enterprise where you can see that both sides can have a mutual benefit from the partnership. With us we were delighted to step into the Dublin Marathon and help them achieve their goal, for us it was that our core values had the benefits for communities and our own staff.

Many thanks for taking the time to talk to us, finally what was your personal highlight of the sporting year 2013 and anything you are particularly looking forward to in 2014?

My own personal highlight was completing the Airtricity Dublin Marathon. It was an incredibly proud moment and I have the greatest respect for anyone who takes on the challenge of running or getting fit whilst also raising money for a worthwhile cause.

The second highlight was celebrating with the other staff members in Airtricity, we had a get-together with their friends and family after the event which we all enjoyed.

In 2014 I am really looking forward to sponsoring five up-and-coming athletes and help them achieve their goals not just in 2014 but for the next five years.  




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