Federation of Irish Sport Annual Conference 2014 – Feedback

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The Federation of Irish Sport held its second annual conference back in May at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. The theme of the conference was Shaping Sports Future with Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport Mr Leo Varadkar the keynote speaker.

The conference was generally felt to be  a success with over 160 people attending – building on the previous year’s inaugural event- however we believe there is still further room for improvement and appreciated the feedback we received from delegates.

Asked on their opinion of the conference – 97% answered that it was either exactly how they had anticipated it or it was better than they had anticipated – 50% said better, 47% said exactly as anticipated.


Asked if they were likely to attend next year’s conference, based on this year’s event 76% of those who took the survey said they were ‘very likely’. A further 13% said they would be ‘somewhat likely’ while 11% answered ‘unsure’.


Finally, we asked if attendees had any recommendations that they felt could improve the day in terms of moving forward. Below is a summary of the major points raised:

  • More time should be allocated for a Q&A between the floor and the panellists. The majority of respondents thought the level of those speaking were of a very high calibre, but requested more time to ask some questions. A workshop was also suggested.
  • Many thought the interviews between the Conference and the meal were hard to hear due to the proximity from the stage to the bar and delegates desire to network during this period. The Federation were disappointed this part of the conference could not be heard by some as the topics discussed were particularly interesting.
  • ‘Pin on’ name badges were suggested instead of the lanyards. It was argued they would be at eye level and thus better utilised.
  • Email addresses as well as contact information for all attending delegates be made available to take home.


Federation of Irish Sport