Better Boards, Stronger Sport is a project that is led and inspired by the sports movement.  It is based on the premise that sports organisations must be empowered to take responsibility for setting the agenda and improving governance without regulation or compliance being dictated to them by outside regulators.  The project is based on the foundation that real improvement has to be driven by the sports movement itself because regulation will only achieve compliance and not drive improvement.

The project has received funding from the EU commission as part of the funding for Preparatory Action in the field of sport. The project empowers sport organisations to act on the issue of governance by establishing a broad understand of the key features of good governance in sport across Europe and developing case studies and tools to help organisations understand and achieve the features.

The project is a partnership:

Project Lead:

  • The Sport and Recreation Alliance (UK)


Project Partners:

  • Estonian Olympic Committee
  • European Athletes as Student
  • European Women in Sport
  • Finnish Sports Federation
  • Hungarian Sports Confederation
  • Just Sport Ireland
  • Polish Ministery of Sport and Tourism

The project will produce a toolkit that will include:


  • the key features for good sports boards,
  • case studies examples with action points outlining how to implement the features
  • tools to help sports organisations achieve the key features.


The project team will consult the sports movement on the development of each part of the project to ensure that the final toolkit is created by the sports movement and will drive improvement.

This project is created and directed by the sports movement for the sports movement.  There will be consultations that we will make you aware of and we encourage you to input into the project to help make it a success.

For more information on the project please contact: