Ministers for Transport, Tourism & Sport Shane Ross and Brendan Griffin have confirmed that the 13% increase in investment in sport outlined in Budget 2019 includes €6.5 million in additional funding for Sport Ireland, €8.8 million for the new Large Scale Sports Infrastructure as well as €16 million to complete Phase 2 of the National Indoor Arena. 

Included in the additional funds being made available to Sport Ireland, €2.3 million has been allocated for National Governing Bodies. €1 million in additional funding has been provided towards its Women in Sport programme, with €1 million also being provided to create a dedicated programme for disability sport through the deployment of a Sport Inclusion Disability Officer in all 26 Local Sports Partnerships Nationwide. The Minister confirmed the allocation of €1.5 million to high performance in preparation for Tokyo 2020.

A further €40 million is also to be made available in 2019 to enable a further round of the Sports Capital Programme that allows clubs and organisations right around the country apply for funds to develop and maintain sports and equipment.

The Federation also welcomes the Ministers statements that the significant increase in funding for Sport Ireland is proof of the Government’s ambition to increase sporting participation at all levels from grassroots to high performance.

Speaking after the briefing from Ministers Ross and Griffin at Government Buildings, CEO, Federation of Irish Sport, Mary O’Connor said: “This is a good day for Irish Sport. The Federation and our members have for a long time being advocating for a significant increase in funding to Sport Ireland. It is these monies that translate into the investment in people and programmes from grassroots to high performance that ultimately allow sport positively impact on people’s lives and ultimately on public health, tourism, community and even the economy. An additional €6.5 million represents real confidence in our ability as a sector to deliver on a wide range of Government policy objectives as outlined in the National Sports Policy published in July. We look forward to working with Government and our members to ensure that we deliver and maximise the potential of the much needed additional investment. We also welcome the significant investment in capital programmes that will enable the development and improvement of facilities at local, regional and national level. ”