Pictured above: 1 January 2024;from left, Patricia Keenan, Director of Grants at 2into3, Matt McKerrow, Associate Consultant at 2into3, Rob Foley, Director of Fundraising at 2into3, Clare McGrath, Federation of Irish Sport Chairperson, Dennis O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer at 2into3, and Mary O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer at Federation of Irish Sport, and Commercial and Business Services Manager with the Federation of Irish Sport, Clare Louise O’Donoghue at the Sport Ireland Campus Conference Centre in Dublin. 

The Federation of Irish Sport (FIS) today announced a significant new partnership that will hugely compliment the Federation’s goal to empower its member organisations nationwide to maximise the impact of sport, recreation, and physical activity for society. Starting January 2024, FIS has entered into a 3-year strategic partnership with 2into3, a leading consultancy firm assisting nonprofits, sporting organisations and other social impact organisations to achieve their mission.

This partnership will allow both organisations to combine their expertise, resources, and passion to drive positive change and sustainable growth within the Irish sporting community.

With a shared commitment to good governance, strategic growth for NGBs and sport for all, the partnership will focus on key areas such as strategic planning, organisational development, philanthropic fundraising strategies, grants & economic services, and capacity building. By working together, FIS and 2into3 seek to ensure strong foundations are in place for Irish Sport, supporting FIS members to remain resilient, sustainable and grow their sport for years to come.

Speaking about the partnership, Mary O’Connor, CEO of the Federation of Irish Sport, expressed delight about the collaboration, stating: “We are delighted to begin this new chapter with 2into3, who have a strong reputation and passion for delivering tailored solutions and driving meaningful change in the not-for-profit sector. Together, we have a tremendous opportunity to empower Irish sporting organisations, equipping them with the tools and strategies the need to thrive in ever-demanding landscape.”

Dennis O’Connor, CEO 2into3 echoed this sentiment adding: “The Federation is the voice of Irish Sport and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with them to help sporting organisations realise their ambitions which have such an impact on Irelands social capital, health, confidence and resilience.” 

For more info go to: https://www.irishsport.ie/partners-2into3/

James O’Callaghan, Performance Director at Irish Sailing, far left, speaking in a panel discussion, alongside, from left, John Feehan, Chief Executive of Basketball Ireland, Rob Foley, Director of Fundraising at 2into3, Dennis O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer at 2into3 and Patricia Keenan, Director of Grants at 2into3.

Dennis O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer at 2into3, addresses the audience during the Federation of Irish Sport Annual Leaders Forum 2024.