We asked three questions during the annual conference and created an ideas wall. Some general themes are summarised below:

Question 1: We say sport contributes to Health, Economy, Education, Community and Ireland’s reputation. Are these too many, too few or just right? Would you add anything else?

Economy: Implementation plan for policy.

Health: Physical Education to be Mandatory.

Health and Well-being.

Participation helps loneliness and self-esteem.

Fun/Inclusion: Fun needs to be emphasized.

Make sport available to all.

Inclusion and participation are important.

Personal: Find out what sport means to individuals.

Personal development and how it assists with our daily lives.

Involve communities.

Education: Promote all sports to children.

Improve Physical Education hours.

More alignment in education and health.

Facilities: Lack of facilities.

Increased Marketing of Health promotion

Cultural: Cultural integration.

Participation: Participation for everyone.

Participation should be number one.

Everyone on the same page.

Insurance: Insurance policies needed for school activity, formal and unformal so that kids can play and fall.


Question 2: Imagining the doorstep scenario, what is the 30 second pitch that you believe is the one single key message which would entice the public in general enough to make them say “Wow- I didn’t know that. It matters. Tell me more.”

Health: 84% of people who are active feel better. Good mood most of the time.

Quality of life- 15 more years to live.

Better quality of life.

Reduces rick of diseases.

4% of your day is one hour, have you got time to be physically active.

Only 12% of post primary pupils receive the recommended level of activity.

Sport changes and saves lives.

Economy: 40,000 jobs in in sport contribute to the economy.

Sports worth is almost 2.5 billion and rising.

Physical inactivity costs the state between €150 and €300. If 10% became active, it would save up to €135                      million per year.

Inclusivity: We cater for all children.

Make it personal: Sport changes lives.

Emphasise sport can help you live longer.

Fun and social.

Negative Messaging:  Shock tactics showing what will happen without sport.


Question 3: What would your sport do to contribute over any of the five areas…with no extra funding, with some extra funding and with all the funding you needed?

No extra funding: Build partnerships with communities.

Better education and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Better links between sport clubs and NGBs.

Empower volunteers and volunteer recognition.

Better sharing of facilities and improve participation.

Work better with schools.

Some Funding: Increase participation.

Increase facilities and jobs.

Sport development officers for schools.

Awareness campaigns.

Invest in Education and training.

Increased school programmes.

Adopt a more professional operations.

All the Funding: Develop Facilities and coaching structures.

Provide more sport events and competitions.

Increase and improve equipment.

Staff investment- increase the staff for the role of admin and management.

Create more jobs.

Increase in Development officers.

Sports talk in every school.

Sports for all, shared community sports facilities strategically developed.

General Funding: Upskilling coaches.

Open doors to participation.

Achieve sport through education, health and social.

Host more international events, include local participation in festival type gigs.