Federation of Irish Sport asks on behalf of our members:

  • The establishment of a sport and recreation sector working group
  • Provision of a government led funding injection package through Sport Ireland for NGB’s or funding to stimulate activity post Covid19 emergency
  • Sport specific direct financial supports for clubs similar to hardship/resilience funds in the UK/Scotland/Wales and NI
  • Potential repurposing of a proportion of the 2020 Sports Capital Grant to current funding (as suggested in earlier FIS correspondence)
  • Construction of a plan in relation as to how to sport will come back as restrictions are lifted, this could be endorsed by Government and/or Sport Ireland. Being mindful that is of course health led. A framework such as Protect, Prepare, Prevail
  • Vat rebate available to all sports bodies for 6 months to help towards sport as a business remaining operational.