Gender Equality in Sport

Experts’ proposal supports new strategic actions

A group of experts has just adopted an ambitious and innovative report in the field of gender equality and sport. The proposals made, draw on the conclusions of the EU Conference on Gender Equality in Sport of December 2013. They address all stakeholders in the field of sport as well as national governments and the European Commission.

The experts proposed measures relating to management, training, prevention of violence and the media, including:

  1. Changing recruitment policies for new posts in boards and staff, including coaching staff.
  2. Establishing apprenticeships and trainee positions in executive boards, management and selection teams for young female managers and coaches.
  3. Implementing modules in training courses for coaches and sport administrators.
  4. Setting up preventive programmes against gender-based violence in sport.
  5. Developing guidelines on how sport organisations can operate with the media to increase and improve media coverage of (mixed) major sport events.

Commissioner Vassiliou welcomed the ‘Proposal for Strategic Actions 2014-2020pdf Choose translations of the previous link ‘: “It is in the interest of all parties concerned to support gender equality in sport. Gender equality is important not only for women but also for the world of sport: equality brings quality”.

The actions and ideas developed in this document could lead to concrete political initiatives. The Council, for example, will decide in May whether to include gender equality in the future EU Work Plan for Sport and is also likely to adopt conclusions on Gender Equality in Sport. Financial support for this topic is also foreseen in the new EU programme Erasmus+: sport.

Commissioner Vassiliou will present any progress made in the coming months at the 6th World Conference on Women in Sport which will take place in June 2014, in Helsinki.