• Danny Mansergh is Career and Health lead at Mercer Marsh Benefits and will deliver an insight into the future of work in his presentation titled ‘The post Covid-19 workplace – challenge or opportunity?’
  • The CEO/Manager briefing will also provide updates to members on the work of the Federation of Irish Sport from CEO, Mary O’Connor.

The Federation of Irish Sport are delighted to announce that Mercer Marsh Benefits will be contributing to the upcoming member forum on the area of HR and the workplace. Career and Health lead Danny Mansergh will be on hand to discuss the implications of COVID-19 on the future of the workplace and the challenges and opportunities it presents for organisations.

Speaking about Mr Mansergh’s attendance, Federation CEO Mary O’Connor said, ‘The Federation is delighted to have Mercer Marsh as a contributor for our upcoming forum. The world as we know it has changed and that is true for the workplace and our employees. We know that COVID-19 has presented many challenges but as we look towards a new future, we must also identify the opportunities for our workforce. We look forward to Danny’s insights on the future of the workplace next Monday.’

The member forum will also provide updates on the work of the Federation of Irish Sport over the past months including the hugely successful Volunteers in Sport Awards, insight into member engagement activities and advocacy for the year ahead.


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