Job Purpose

The primary objective of the General Manager is to take forward the implementation of the Provincial Union’s [hereafter referred to as the ‘Union’] Strategic Plan and the effective and efficient conduct of the Union’s day-to-day business.

Within this framework, the General Manager is responsible for:

  • The overall strategic and operational management of the Union, in accordance with strategies, policies and plans approved by the Union’s Board in line with the objects of the Company including “to promote, foster and organise the playing of cricket”.
  • Leading and inspiring the Union’s existing paid and volunteer workers; recruiting or procuring the recruitment of new employees; giving them direction and leadership toward the achievement of the Union’s aims and objectives; working with CI on the transition of staff from employment under Cricket Ireland (CI) auspices to employment by the Union
  • Raising the profile of the Union and attracting increasing financial support from commercial sources, statutory agencies and any other reputable source which may include, but are not exclusive to membership schemes, affiliation schemes, high net-worth individuals or income derived through the hosting of matches
  • Making proposals to the Board and/or relevant sub-committees – either personally or through the Union’s management team – on organisational arrangements and structures, and any other matter relating to the Union

Specific Responsibilities

Strategic Planning

    • Strategic Plan – exercise lead responsibility for the assessment of the Union’s performance against the existing Strategic Plan, for the development of the proposed Strategic Plan and the alignment of this plan with the Cricket Ireland Strategic Plan.
    • Strategic Plan – exercise lead responsibility for the implementation of the Union’s Strategic Plan.
    • Update the Board and relevant funding and other stakeholders on progress thereof
    • Operational Plan – prepare an annual Operational Plan setting out key targets and priorities for the year, linked to the achievement of the objectives set out in the Strategic Plan
    • Oversee implementation of the Operational Plan and update the Board and relevant funding stakeholders on progress

Financial Management and Control

    • Prepare a draft Budget for each forthcoming year, in line with the Union’s strategic and operational priorities
    • Report to Board and other stakeholders on performance against budget and other financial matters
    • Ensure that effective arrangements are in place for the allocation of budgets and for the accountable management and monitoring of all financial resources
    • Oversee the key cost centres including development (including CDOs) and Leinster Lightning.

Programmes and Policies

    • Facilitate and promote policy development through appropriate committees established by the Board for such purposes
    • Manage programmes and policies established by the Board.


    • Ensure that an appropriate participative and consultative approach is taken in the development of policy, strategy and business plans, involving all relevant stakeholders.
    • Provide progress reports to Board, committees and sub-committees
    • Ensure openness and transparency in communications with members, media, the public and all key stakeholders
    • Lead on and/or manage all matters relating to communication with all key stakeholders including, but not limited to stakeholders as set out above, other Unions, Cricket Ireland, other governing bodies, public and private funding bodies, and media partners

Public Relations

    • Lead and manage all marketing and public relations activities, with the aim of ensuring that the Union and the game of cricket are presented in a positive light to members, the public, the media and key stakeholders in line with the Union’s objects
    • Prepare, in liaison with the Chairman and others, statements to the media regarding matters of policy
    • Act as, or identify, appropriate spokesperson(s) for relevant public communication

Administration and general management

    • Assist in the transfer of the Union from an unlimited company to a company limited by guarantee
    • Responsibility for procuring the delivery and implementation of Union obligations outlined in service level agreements with CI.
    • Line manage, or procure the line management of Union staffing

Revenue Generation (including Sponsorship and Grants)

    • Undertake, or procure, responsibility for seeking and negotiating all forms of revenue generation including sponsorship/commercial partnerships, for managing relationships with sponsors/commercial funding partnerships
    • Oversee the preparation of grant application submissions to appropriate grant-awarding agencies at local, national or supra-national level
    • Oversee fundraising planning and implementation, including volunteer and other resource requirements, researching funding sources, establishing strategies to approach potential funders, submitting proposals, and maintaining appropriate records and documentation.
    • Develop the business of the Union and commercialise the assets and activities of the Union.


    • Ensure that all relevant statutory requirements are complied with in full by the Union and that appropriate Corporate Governance procedures are in place
    • Undertake any appropriate duties as may be specified by the Board from time to time that might reasonably fall within the purview of the General Manager.This role is for an initial term of one year with continuation subject to future funding.Please note that it is intended to interview suitable candidates on 2/3rd March 2017.

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