The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has provided the Federation with some important clarifications re: Mass Gatherings of  >5000

  • The Government statement concerning mass gatherings applies only to those events which require a licence from the relevant Local Authority;
  • All mass gatherings are prohibited until 5 May based on the most recent public health advice;
  • Separately, but related to this, there are a number of large scale events planned for the summer which are subject to a licensing process.   This licensing process can be a lengthy process, requiring consultation with various bodies and stakeholders.   It also carries risk of penalty in event of cancellation at short notice.  Taking these practical, logistical and lead-in considerations into account, in the case of these particular events, Local Authorities have been advised by Government that event promoters should be informed that events requiring licences with an expected attendance in excess of 5,000 will not be considered for the period up to the end of August;
  • As sporting events are generally excluded from the licensing process, this advice does not apply to those organising sporting events;
  • In considering whether to proceed with events during the period to the end of August, sporting bodies should consider a number of factors, such as the lead-in time to organise, the most up to date public health advice as the situation evolves and the practicality/feasibility of running events while maintaining strict social distancing guidance;
  • We expect further clarity next week as part of the overall Government plan for a phased return to the easing of restrictions.