COVID-19 Resource Updates – Healthy Ireland

COVID-19 Resource Updates – Healthy Ireland

Public Health Measures

As you know, we are seeing some increases in rate of COVID around the country, and as a result, some additional advice and restrictions have been recommended by NPHET and the Government. These measures aim to protect our priorities – caring for vulnerable people and keeping health services open. You can view the national public health measures here.

New COVID-19 TV ad

The HSE has launched a new TV ad reminding everyone of the steps we can all take to protect ourselves and the people around us from COVID-19. The ad is part of the new look and feel we launched at the beginning of the month, with animations by illustrator Fatti Burke. You can watch the TV ad on our YouTube channel. Everyone has been working hard to reduce the spread of the virus but it’s important we continue to follow the public health advice. Because COVID-19 is still a problem… and we’re all the answer.

New Symptoms & Testing radio ad

The HSE new Symptoms and Testing radio ad went live at the weekend. The ad is a reminder of the symptoms of COVID-19 and the importance of taking action if you have symptoms – to self-isolate and phone your GP. The coronavirus consultation with your GP is free, as is the COVID-19 test. Getting tested quickly for coronavirus and self-isolating when you have symptoms reduces the risk of spread in the community. Listen to the radio ad on Soundcloud.

You can download campaign materials under ‘Posters’ and ‘Social Media Graphics’ here.

Bringing Back the Sleep Routine during COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families have lost a sense of routine and parents have said that getting this routine right is the key to making a start on improving other unhealthy behaviours. Sleep is the cornerstone to health and wellbeing and its impact on a healthy lifestyle cannot be underestimated. The START campaign has radio and digital advertising live since 20/8/2020. You can find more information on or on Twitter @safefood_net #makeastart and on Facebook.

The START campaign is a public health awareness campaign from safefood, the HSE and Healthy Ireland. The campaign promotes these healthy behaviours: minimise intake of foods high in fat, salt and sugar, establish water and milk as routine drinks, give child-sized portions to children, include more fruit and vegetables in their diets, increase physical activity levels, limit screen time and establish good sleep routines.

HSE Approved Guidance for Disability Services

New guidance has been issued by the HSE Disability Services:

Interim Guidance on Conducting Assessments in Disability Services

Guidance to Support the Resumption of Centre-Based Respite Services for people with disabilities

A list of all COVID-19 guidance documents developed to date can be found here.

Practical implications of current Guidelines on Sport – 25/08/20

Practical implications of current Guidelines on Sport – 25/08/20

Dated 25/8/2020

Updated information from Sport Ireland.

Please be advised of the following guidance in respect of parent/guardian attendance at underage activity.

The recent Regulations announced by Government aim at decreasing the congregation of Groups in social settings and to assist with contact tracing where required. Public health and reducing the risk of Covid-19 transmission remains the overarching priority.

It is acknowledged that some parents/guardians may wish to attend sporting events, competition and training in a supervisory capacity. In such cases, parents/guardians are not classified as spectators.

Each sporting organisation will need to determine if they can facilitate such attendance. Sporting organisations who choose to permit attendance should ensure that strict adherence to social distancing and public health guidelines is maintained at all times. At a minimum, the following measures should be implemented by organisers:

  1. No more than 1 designated individual attending the session per child/family/group of children.
  2. Overall numbers are kept to a minimum and in line with the space available in the venue/facility.
  3. Electronic Contact Tracing & Health Questionnaires are completed by parents/guardians in advance of attendance.

Each sporting organisation must ensure that there are robust mechanisms in place to limit overall numbers, assist with contact tracing and implement compliance with social distancing and other public health guidelines.

Resilience and Recovery – Practical Guidance for Sport (Level 2 & 3)

21st August 2020: COVID-19 Clarifications and Updated Guidelines – Sport Ireland

Guideline:        Sporting events and matches can continue to take place behind closed doors

  • A behind closed doors event can include:  ‘Any individual involved in the participation, running, delivery, and broadcasting (if relevant) of the event’.


  • The 6 indoor /15 outdoor participant restrictions do not apply to competition, events, or tournaments.


  • NGBs & Clubs with competition, events, tournaments planned up to September 13th 2020 should go ahead as planned with strict public health measures and protocols in place. No Spectators should attend these events.


  • Parents/Guardians attending in a safeguarding /supervisory capacity are not classified as a spectator however strict social distancing and public health guidelines should be adhered to at all times. In that context, one parent/guardian per child is permitted to attend at a sporting event, including a game or training session, should they consider it necessary. These provisions will be subject to strict protocols which will be issued in the coming days.


Guideline:       Sport facilities can remain open.

Gyms/leisure centres/swimming pools/exercise and dance studios can remain open with strict distancing and other appropriate protective measures in place:

  • Total Indoor Gym/Facility/Pool Use can remain at the previous maximum levels of 50 once there is sufficient space available. In addition, facilities should be extra vigilant of potential congestion points such as entrance/exit points, changing rooms and reception areas ensuring that social distancing and other public health measures are maintained at all times.


  • Organised Sports training within indoor facilities can do so in multiple pods of 6 once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.


  • Swimming and indoor water based activities can do so in pod’s/lanes of 6 once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.


Guideline:      Exercise and dance classes should be limited to 6 people and observe physical distancing rules.

Groups exercising outdoors should be limited to 15 people, including training sessions. There should be no mixing between groups.

  • Organised Sports training within indoor facilities can do so in multiple pods of 6 once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.


  • Outdoor Exercise & Sports training can do so in multiple pods of 15 once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.


  • Sports Summer Camps can do so in multiple pods of 6 (indoor) and 15 (outdoor) once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.


  • Indoor Exercise & Dance classes should remain at 6 only as per guidance however may operate multiple pods if sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.


Ratios: Working Example

  • For Adult Activity, Coaches & Instructors should be included in the pod sizes. For example in outdoor training a ratio of 1:14 could be used. In the case of multiple pods indoors, ratios of 1:11 may be acceptable.


  • For Underage Activity, Individual Safeguarding Ratio’s will depend on the nature of the activity, the age of the participants and any special needs of the group, Sport Ireland’s general guide include 1:8 for under 12 years of age and 1:10 for over 12 years of age. There should be at least one adult of each gender with mixed parties.

Information provided by Sport Ireland on 20th August 2020.