Cara in partnership with Sport Ireland were delighted to host the 2019 National Seminar for Inclusion. The theme for this year’s seminar will be on ‘Children and Young People with Disabilities’. Over 200 delegates representing 113 different national and international organisations attended this sold out event, all focussed on increasing and improving opportunities for children with disabilities to be active.

When we initially set about planning for this event, we really felt it was essential to keep children and you people at the core of this seminar. From the planning of this and right into the event, the voices of children and young people with disabilities were present and heard by all who were in attendance.

With spellbinding key notes addresses from young Dubliner Chris Watts, and broadcaster Brendan O’Connor, the audience was captivated with their stories, which then led to interesting discussions across the key areas of sport, physical activity and physical education. There were many key learnings taken from this event, which we hope to share in the near future.

A sincere thank you to all who attended, were involved in or who supported the 2019 National Seminar for Inclusion.

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