We’re continuing to share our member CEO views on our Asks of Government in Budget 2024. Under Action 3.7 of the Sports Policy Action Plan the Federation was tasked with presenting the business case for reforms to the taxation policy. These recommendations have been set these out in our Pre-Budget Submission under the following headings:

  • Extending relief donations to approved sporting bodies
  • VAT relief for sporting bodies
  • Granting of charitable status to those NGBs and LSPs who wish to pursue that option 
  • Tax-driven incentives for personal exercise

We asked member CEOs: Would a change in VAT or Taxation Reform have a positive impact on your sport?

Here’s what Basketball Ireland CEO John Feehan had to say about VAT:


The Government has committed to doubling funding to sport over the ten-year life of the National Sports Policy, and while it has risen incrementally, the reality is that since 2021 the real value of core funding for NGBs has been eroded by inflation and other costs of doing business.

In this clip Michelle Carpenter, CEO of Rowing Ireland highlights the operational costs to her sporting organisation.

Click on the image below to read the Submission in more detail.