Bready Cricket Club
The future of Irish Cricket is bright following a sustained period of international success and now the promise
of a greater quantity of sustained international fixtures.
In line with the Strategic plan 2016-20 to ‘make cricket mainstream’ Cricket Ireland wish to host regular
international matches in outstanding venues with international standard pitches, throughout the country.
Bready CC is one of those outstanding venues and now, along with the North West Cricket Union, wishes to
build its expertise and resources to accommodate the increased opportunity of hosting high level
international cricket.
We are looking for a full-time Head Groundsman to manage this facility. The applicant should be passionate
and committed to delivering the highest standards of grounds maintenance creating a world class, enviable
cricket pitch, and ensuring the long term maintenance and sustainability of the ground.
Based at the Bready Cricket Club and Centre of Excellence in Magheramason, the position will report into
Bready Cricket Club Chairman of Grounds Committee.
If this opportunity interests you, please email a CV and a covering letter addressed to:
Please include “Head Groundsman” in the subject box of your email.
Closing date for applications is close of business Thursday 6th April 2017.
Should you be successful in making the short-list following the application process, please note that
interviews will take place w/b 10th April 2017.

Job Description
Bready Cricket Club, North West Cricket Union
Reports To: Bready Cricket Club Chairman of Grounds Committee
Salary: £25,000 pa
Contract Duration: Consultant – 1 year contract
Based at: Bready Cricket Club
Job Purpose
We are seeking a full-time Head Groundsman to manage Bready Cricket Club’s international ground. The
applicant should be passionate and committed to delivering the highest standards of grounds maintenance
creating a world class, enviable cricket pitch, and ensuring the long term maintenance and sustainability of
the ground.
A key element of the role will be preparing playing surfaces, practice areas and outfields of the highest
quality for all club and representative fixtures. Candidates will need to have a proven track record of
preparing First-Class cricket pitches and practice nets and have the confidence and experience to instruct and
lead volunteers or staff.
Main Areas of Responsibility:
· Preparing and maintaining the playing surfaces and outfield of both grounds at BCC to international
· Preparing and maintaining all practice and net areas at BCC to international standard.
· Planning of the day to day work programme including the planning of off-peak work.
· Prepare, condition and maintain the main squares, outfields and landscapes for all club and international
· Prepare land, apply fertilisers and chemicals, irrigation and drainage, rolling and mowing, and weed
· Operate light and heavy equipment, including but not limited to water removal machinery, mowers,
rotorvators, sprinklers and shredders.
· Allocation, operation, maintenance and security of plant, tools and equipment ensuring as far as is
possible, that the right resources are available and all equipment is correctly stored, maintained and
· Maintain equipment such as nets, posts and protective covers.
· Assisting with the erection of nets and other practice facilities at the grounds.
· Monitor the use of consumable items and spares and make arrangements for their replenishment. Order
and purchasing of all stores and materials, including expendable items and pesticides within Bready
Cricket Club’s budget.
· Manage and deliver a set budget and support the efficient use of resources.
· Have an awareness of Health and Safety regulations. Possess a sound understanding of legislation
relating to chemicals and dangerous substances. Promote and by example ensure safe-working practices
at all times and control and safe use of all potentially dangerous substances and equipment. Ensuring
that staff and volunteers are instructed in their safe use and use of relevant safety equipment.
· Ensure the safe use, storage, calibration and disposal of pesticides and other similar substances. Promote
the Health and Safety of self and others. Be able to respond in an emergency.
· Supervision as required of work undertaken by contractors to ensure compliance with the terms and
conditions of the Health and Safety Act.
· Preparation of appropriate reports and correspondence, and attendance at meetings as necessary.
· Development of other ground staff, enabling them to meet the standards of work required by BCC.
· Collect and record data on the playing surface environment. Manage soil and grass to ensure turf is
always in optimum condition.
· Deal with members of the public in a professional manner.
· To provide a helpful and professional service to players, managers and other users of the grounds.
· Produce cricket “pitch plan” in-line with fixture lists in advance of season.
· Manage cricket square to ensure pitches are used in line with pitch plan agreed with BCC Grounds
· Communicate with BCC Grounds Committee for improving the best use of resources and playing
surfaces. Support the efficient use of resources.
· Produce practice pitches and junior pitches as required.
· Ensure all pitches produced are compliant with NWCU, CI and ICC regulations and playing conditions for
relevant club and international competitions, including boundary dimensions and fielding restriction
· Attendance on site at all times for international or representative fixtures and as required pre and post
club cricket fixtures.
· Any other reasonable request made by BCC Grounds Committee or NWCU.
Pre-season work:
· Pitch Allocation: when fixture list is completed and confirmed, each pitch to be assigned a number of
fixtures, according to seniority, wear and rate of recovery for further use if possible. The square is a finite
· Rolling of square; drag brushing of square to remove worm casts, weak rooted grass, and break up
fungal mycelium on grass leaves; mowing of square and outfield as required; marking out the square i.e.
squaring the square itself.
· Monitoring for grass diseases: Fusarium, Anthracnose, Dollar Spot etc. and spraying for same if required;
monitoring for pests; Leather jackets, Worms, Cut worms, etc. and spraying for same.
· Painting back and front lines at either end of square.
· Core samples of square to indicate condition of square.
· Fertiliser application if conditions are suitable and required for square/outfield.
· Weed Control: Spraying for weeds if conditions suitable.
· Machinery Checks: Inspect machines to make sure they are safe and fit for purpose. Daily and weekly
checks for, oil, water, batteries, fuel, heights of cut, filters.
· Debris: Removal of debris off ground.
· Covers: Cleaning tops of roll on covers. Testing covers and hoses for leakage. Moving roll on covers back
out on to ground.
· Rope: Moving of rope out on to ground perimeter.
· Ordering: Paint/brushes for pitch marking, string for straight lines, 8 ft. length of timber for marking out,
cable ties for sight screen covers, fertilisers for square/outfield, chemicals for pest/disease control,
various miscellaneous items.
During the playing season:
· Mowing of square daily as weather/conditions permit; mowing of outfield 3 times a week as
weather/conditions permit; mowing of individual pitches as required; mowing of perimeter 1 or 2 times a
week as weather/conditions permit.
· Drag brushing of square daily; drag brushing of individual pitches.
· Moving of sight screens to correct pitch of play; dressing of sight screens for white ball cricket matches;
undressing of sight screens.
· Moving of rope to perimeter on Mondays to facilitate mowing or as required; movement of rope to
desired position on Fridays for weekend matches or as required.
· Squaring of individual pitches as they come into play; marking of individual pitches as they come into
play; remarking of used pitches.
· Covering of individual pitches as they come into play, and as is necessary.
· Marking out of zonal areas of individual pitches as they come into play. That is the inner and outer zones
relating to an individual pitch.
· Irrigation of a used pitch for re-use.
· Repairs to a used pitch for re-use; repairs to a pitch as it is removed from play. Pitch may/may not be
used again later in the season; repairs to outfield after weekend matches. This includes bowlers run ups.
· Fertilising of square; as a rule of thumb once a month, but if heavy rainfall more regular.
· Square Weed Control; continually monitoring, if spraying needed, no more than once a month.
· Ensuring that the rubbish bins adjacent to the nets are emptied regularly.
Practice area nets
· Erection of netting prior to first practice session of the season
· Remarking of the nets as required.
· Such maintenance of the nets as may be required to keep them operational during the season.
· Removal of the netting at the end of the season.
· Repair of nets during the off season.
· Reseeding of the run ups as soon as the season ends.
Grass nets
· Where practicable, provision of a grass net for use by international teams pre-international matches at
Artificial wickets
· Regular rolling, remarking, brushing and cleaning of the artificial pitch on the top ground as required.
Perimeter areas and landscapes
· Arranging for surrounding landscapes to be cut and maintained.
· Area outside the rope is kept cut to the same height as the outfield.
· Arranging for maintenance (where required) of the surround fence.
· Arranging for maintenance/painting of the sight screens and storage areas on the grounds.

End of season work:
· Completion of end of season work on the square and outfield of both grounds in accordance with
agreed plans. This may involve taking core samples to indicate the condition of the square. Square
renovation needs a period of sustained good weather and good warm soil temperatures (mid-September
is ideal for warm soil conditions, but if weather is wet, work cannot go ahead).
· Renovation of outfields: This will be done in line with available budget.
· Fertilise square according to needs as, ascertained by core samples; fertilise outfields as needed.
· Remove rope and any seating from grounds.
· Remove roll on covers from grounds.
· Drag brush square as often as is possible to reduce disease, worm casts and remove unwanted grasses.
· Cut squares and outfields at regular intervals, to maintain maximum tillering of grass plants. Ideally the
outfields should be cut to maintain stripes throughout the year.
· Monitor squares for disease such as Fusarium.
· Machinery servicing by groundsman: Change oil, change air filters, change spark plugs, grease grease
points, clean out air fins, and clean-up of machine.
· Arranging machinery servicing by competent service company in line with BCC policy.
· Maintenance and repair of practice areas.
· Arranging for maintenance as required.
· Covering the pitches and bowlers run ups as required in the light of actual and forecast weather
conditions, particularly the run ups, for the club’s 1st team fixtures and other major cricket fixtures.
· Arranging for storage of covers when not in use on the ground and during the off season.
· Ensuring that the ground equipment is kept in good working order through arrangement of maintenance
and repair on a timely basis. Daily/weekly checks for all regularly used machines. If machines need an oil
change, change of spark plug, change of air filter, greasing of grease points, adjusting of height cut, etc.
Machinery Cleaning: Daily for all regularly used machines.
· Informing the BCC Grounds Committee when equipment requires to be replaced and assisting in the
sourcing of such equipment.
· Ensuring proper storage of equipment when not in use.

Working Relationships:
· BCC Chairman of Grounds Committee
· North West Cricket Union General Manager
· Cricket Ireland
Qualifications and Experience:
· Hold a NVQ Level 2 (or an equivalent qualification, or significant experience) in Sports Turf Management.
· Hold a PA1 and PA6 NPTC pesticide certificate or FETAC equivalent (or willing to work towards such a
· Minimum of 5 years’ experience as a grounds person, preferably in First-Class Cricket.
· Be in a possession of a clean EC driving licence.
· Possess an understanding of current Health and Safety guidelines
· Possess an understanding of the England & Wales Cricket Board’s Regulations and Directives in relation
to pitches and match regulations.
Personal Qualities
· Possess a passion for cricket pitches and sports turf maintenance.
· Demonstrate a positive and professional attitude and appearance.
· Understand the seasonal nature of the role and the need for flexibility with regards to working long
hours, including evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays. Be on site all times during international fixtures.
· Ability to work under pressure, and to work alone when required.
Key Performance Indicators
· Improve the standard of the pitches and practice facilities at Bready Cricket Club.