The Baton Twirling Sport Association of Ireland (BTSAI) are hosting a roadshow this weekend, 13th & 14th April, in the Basketball Arena in Tallaght. The event will have approximately 500 athletes competing in at least five events, giving a total of 2,500 performances over the two days.

The venue will initially be divided in eight sections for judging and then transformed into as many areas as required until it gets to the final segment of the competition where the whole floor is used. BTSAI are expecting over 200 supporters to attend during the weekend, where there will be over 2,000 trophies and medals at stake, and the BTSAI will also host trials for the International Cup and European Championships.

The event will showcase the new BTSAI ‘Roadshow’ which will be used in the future to travel around the country with a view to increasing membership.

For more information on the event see the BTSAI website and facebook page