American Football Ireland (AFI) are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership between AFI and the
internationally renowned, Hope Through Football Foundation. Founded by NFL Hall of Famer and Super Bowl
Winner Rod Woodson, Hope Through Football is a non-profit association created so that coaches and players
can develop, expand and sharpen their football knowledge and skills, all while learning character & life skills.
The foundation offers a platform which allows highly experienced coaches and players to share their
knowledge and wisdom of the game to football lovers all over the world.
“This is a phenomenal day for our sport and members. We are delighted to agree a partnership with Coach
Woodson and the Hope Through Football Foundation. The potential for the growth and development of our
members cannot be understated. This partnership will improve the standard of coaching across all areas of
kitted, flag and youth football within our association. It is our hope as a board, that this opportunity will also
encourage more AFI members to get involved in coaching, and ultimately encourage more young males and
females to become involved in playing our sport at all levels. This is a fantastic opportunity for the sport of
American football on our island, and I encourage all members to embrace and soak up all the knowledge
which Hope Through Football can bring forward” Aidan Maguire, AFI President
Hope Through Football Founder/NFL Hall of Famer, Coach Rod Woodson stated that: Hope Through Football
and #sharetheknowledge are super excited to embark on this relationship with American Football Ireland.
Opportunities can be explored together with the forward thinking process of the AFI. We look forward to a
long and growing relationship to benefit the football community in Ireland, whilst bringing international
relationships closer. We would like to thank the AFI for allowing us the opportunity to be involved.
Irish Wolfhound Head Coach, Ciaran O’Sullivan stated: “Before I was approached by an old friend of football
in Ireland, Coach Tariq Ayub of the London Olympians I had already tuned into several Hope Through Football
virtual seminars. I was impressed by the quality of the information being shared, the level of coaches
delivering the seminars, the understanding that football is a global game played at all levels and most of all
the caliber of the people involved starting with Coach Rod Woodson whose passion for football is infectious
and uplifting even in these dark days. When Coach Ayub explained that HTF wanted to explore the possibility
of a working partnership with AFI I was delighted to get both parties in the same virtual room working on a
partnership. I am looking forward to working with Coach Ayub and Coach Woodson to ensure our players
and coaches get the most out of this amazing resource. As Head Coach of the Irish Wolfhounds I will be
advising our players and coaches make the most of this wonderful opportunity. At the same time hope that
every club in the American Football Ireland gets involved and we work to improve Irish football together.”
Coach Tariq Ayub, #sharetheknowledge stated “I am very pleased to help develop the relationship with the
AFI and Hope through Football. At the core of this is the ability to share knowledge and grow the sport we
all love. Immensely proud and pleased Coach Woodson and the AFI have entrusted me with this endeavour.
I look forward to working closely with coach Ciaran O’Sullivan.”
At this time, I would like to thank Coach O’Sullivan and Coach Ayub for putting the wheels in motion so that
this partnership could be discussed and agreed. Thank you to Coach Woodson for showing a commitment in
helping us grow as an association from a knowledge-based standpoint. Aidan Maguire AFI President.
American Football Ireland now looks forward to a long and healthy partnership with Hope Through Football.
Stay tuned to our website and social media, as our first live session will be coming to a screen near you