Stresses that only reductions in premiums will prove that actions are working

Urges Government “don’t leave anyone behind”  in insurance reform plans

The Alliance for Insurance Reform has welcomed the Government’s publication of the first implementation report of the Action Plan for Insurance Reform.

Peter Boland, Director of the Alliance said that “We welcome this report and the actions it summarises. But the plan can only be deemed to be working when insurance premiums start to fall. The cost of insurance is based on future risk; and future risk has halved as a result of the new judicial Guidelines in place since April 24th. But there in no evidence that insurers are passing on the benefits of these reductions.

“Additionally, all the reform that has happened or is promised to happen is of no value to SMEs or voluntary & community groups if they cannot get insurance cover or there is only one underwriter prepared to offer cover. We have identified 35 sectors1 in this predicament.

“It is up to the Government to apply relentless pressure on insurers to react to significant reforms with significance price reductions and it is up to Government to ensure more competition is brought into the Irish insurance market now. We urge the Government to avoid leaving any sector behind as insurance reforms are implemented.”


NOTE: The Government’s press release is copied below.

1Sectors, sub-sectors and groups of individuals that are struggling to get cover at all right now or are reduced to one underwriter who is effectively in a monopolist’s situation (even if this in inadvertent, because other underwriters have pulled out of the market) include:

  1. Adventure centres that deal with children
  2. Artists, arts workers and arts organisations
  3. Bike hire shops on greenways and elsewhere
  4. Bouncy castle operators
  5. Caravan & Camping Parks
  6. Car rental
  7. Childcare providers
  8. Childminders
  9. Children’s’ play centres
  10. Children’s playgrounds (non-local authority)
  11. Circuses (both community and commercial)
  12. Climbing walls
  13. Coasteering
  14. Drivers of older cars
  15. Equestrian sports
  16. Festivals and events
  17. High ropes (adventure centres)
  18. Home care providers
  19. Ice skating
  20. Incoming tour operators
  21. Independent marts
  22. Karting tracks
  23. Late night venues
  24. Minority sports
  25. Mountain biking
  26. Nursing homes
  27. Outdoor adventure centres
  28. Private scheduled buses
  29. Street artists
  30. Taxis
  31. Trampoline centres
  32. Travel agents
  33. Tyre depots
  34. Vehicle recovery operations
  35. Young drivers


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