NCGC and Twisters Elite are gymnastics and cheer programs based in Swords Dublin. They have always known that Gymnastics and Cheer is ‘More Than a Sport’ and the current climate has emphasized even more what a huge part it plays in the growth and development of young people. Their athletes trained anywhere from 1 hour to 12 hours a week, most considered the gym a second home. When the first lockdown hit in March 2020, they knew it would have a huge impact on their lives. As it is, it is very difficult to keep children in sport especially girls and Covid has made this task even more difficult. They wanted to do their best to keep the athletes focused and continue to be involved and engaged in their sport. They started our zoom classes straight away and utilized their online social media platforms by posting daily challenges, dance sequences, competitions, throw backs etc.

Due to COVID-19 challenges the club found themselves without a facility in mid 2020. They had 2 programs of athletes and coaches all eager to get back to training but no facility to train in. In the face of the challenge they had 2 options – Close down our club after 15 years or take the very scary step of opening a full-time facility. They took the brave decision to look for a full-time premise and found a warehouse with the potential to suit all of the club’s needs. To say it needed a lot of work was an understatement but with a lot of help they opened their very own full-time facility in time for classes in July 2020. The club looks forward to making the most of the new facility when activity returns in full when safe to do so.