Last chance to register!!

Cara in partnership with Sport Ireland are delighted to announce the 2019 National Seminar for Inclusion. The theme for this year’s seminar will be on ‘Children and Young People with Disabilities’ and will take place on Thursday November 21st in the Castleknock Hotel Dublin. The event will consist of a combination of key note addresses and interactive breakout sessions based around the different areas where children with disabilities have the opportunity to be active; sport, physical activity, and physical education. At this year’s Seminar you will have the opportunity to hear directly from children and young people with disabilities, network, and through interactive breakout sessions discuss the various challenges and solutions facing the inclusion of children and young people in sport and physical activity.

We are inviting anyone involved in or with an interested in enhancing sport and physical activity opportunities for children and young people with disabilities to register to attend this seminar, and join us for this national event.

To learn more about the event, and to book your place online, please visit the following link:



Growing Stronger Together

As the saying goes, nothing about us without us!

When we initially set about planning for this event, we really took that sentiment to heart. We decided from the offset that children and young people needed to be at the core of this event, all the way from the planning of it right up to the day itself.

In the early stages, we held a consultation meeting with some children and young people, to truly understand their experiences, wishes and needs when it comes to being involved in sport and physical activity. We discussed all of their issues and experiences in terms of sport, physical activity, physical education, and being involved in the decision making process. This group of young people are also responsible for creating the title ‘Growing Stronger Together’ for this event, alongside the imagery and branding that goes alongside it. Thank you to all who have helped us shape this day!