Sinéad Goldrick is the current vice-captain of the Dublin Senior ladies team, along with Sinead Aherne and Ciara Trant. The Dublin senior ladies are current back to back All-Ireland champions and competing in this year’s championship to claim a third. Sinéad plays her club football with Foxrock Cabinteely, who are Dublin Club Senior Champions from 2012-2018 and have reached the 2019 Dublin Club Semi-finals. Sinéad is a five-time ladies Gaelic football All-Star.

20 Questions with Sinéad Goldrick


1. What’s your first memory of sport as a child?

My school sports race day, were we would do sprinting races against each other. I also remember siting in my school hall watching Sonia O’Sullivan compete at the Olympics and cheering her on.

2. How did you first become involved in sport?

Through my primary school St Brigid’s in Cabinteely.

3. What sports did you try as a child?

I loved all sports as a child, I was part of athletics, swimming, gymnastics, basketball and Gaelic football teams and also did Irish dancing up until secondary school.

4. What decided you to settle on your chosen sport?

I choose Gaelic football because of the friendships that I had in my club Foxrock Cabinteely and my Dublin team. There is a special bond, a sense of community and friendship in my club and county teams that goes unrivaled to all the other sports that I have been involved in.

5. Who has had the most impact on your sporting career?

My parents and my family are my number one supporters, win, lose or draw they are there at the end of my game to support me and the team. They love my team and no match would be the same if they weren’t there!!
I’m so grateful for my parents who drove me to all my training sessions when I was younger too, I definitely wouldn’t be playing today for Dubin without their support.

6. What female do you most admire in the world of sport?

At the moment, I admire the two time world champions women’s USA soccer team especially, Megan Raponine, Heath and Christen Press for how the team played in the World Cup and their passion to fight for equality in their sport!

7. Outside of sport what do you do in your leisure time? 

I love going for a swim and jumping into the Vico in Dalkey or the 40ft, and I’m a massive coffee fan!

8. What is the last movie you went to see? 

I haven’t been to the cinema in ages, the the last film I watched was Training Day.

9. What music do you listen to?

All sorts of music depends on what mood I’m in. Before a game, I listen to dance music.

10. Are you a reading fan? If so what are you currently reading?

I’m reading The Blindboy book, I’m a massive fan of his podcast.

11. Do you follow any sports stars on social media? If so who?

Serena Williams, Megan Rapinoe, Shane Lowry, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo to name a few!

12. Forget about your sporting diet for a moment, what is your favourite meal when you breakout? 


13. Who do you most admire in your own sport?

I admire all my team mates, the one that I admire most at the moment is Siobhan Killeen, she is a former international soccer player and Dublin ladies player she had a bad injury at the start of the year which has ruled her out for the rest of the season. However, she is still staying involved with the team, and being very strict on her recovery, her work rate to get back fit and attitude is amazing, I really respect her.

14. Do you have a special ritual before competing?

Same meal before a championship game, which is lasagne!

15. Do you still play other sports for fun?

Gaelic football is the only sport I play at the moment, but I’d love to start go back playing basketball on the off season

16. What advice would you give to young girls & boys to encourage them to participate in sport?

Find your passion, whatever sport it is and work hard. The friendship and memories you form through sport are so valuable and important to help build your character. By being involved in sports you learn to be resilient, and how to handle the highs and lows of life. My only advice would be to work hard, you can’t control a lot of things on the pitch but one thing you can control is how you work for your teammates, and good defence all over the pitch becomes good offensive!

17. What has been your biggest sporting achievement?

Winning an All-Ireland with Dublin in 2017 and 2018 and reaching the club All-Ireland Final with Foxrock Cabinteely in 2018.

18. How do you cope with (a) injuries; (b) other setbacks?

I write down my goals for recovery and set a time frame of when I’l be in a position to be back training, or when I’ll be fit for the next match, this allows me to stay positive and have weekly goals that I work to and try and achieve.

19. What do your family make of your success?

My family are my biggest heroes, they are at every game. I’m also, so grateful to my parents for driving me to all my training session when I was younger and how they continue to support me.

20. What does sport mean to you? 

Everything, I love being part of a team and the fulfillment and satisfaction of working hard with your friends and teammates to try and achieve your goals.


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