Katie Mullan is an Ireland women’s field hockey international. She was captain of the Ireland team that played in the 2018 Women’s Hockey World Cup final. Mullan has also won Irish Senior Cup and Women’s Irish Hockey League titles with UCD. Mullan has also played camogie for CLG Eoghan Rua and helped them win the 2010 All-Ireland Intermediate Club Camogie championship.


20×20: Questions with Katie Mullan


1. What’s your first memory of sport as a child?

Playing football in the back garden with my 2 older brothers. They would play 1v1s whilst I was stuck between the posts. Eventually I earned my spot as an outfielder.

2. How did you first become involved in sport?

Going down to our local GAA club where I started playing football and camogie. At a young age my parents sent the 5 of us off to try ever sport under the sun.

3. What sports did you try as a child?

Camogie, football, soccer, swimming, golf, tennis, surfing…. Honestly anything that was going.

4. What decided you to settle on your chosen sport

I think the opportunities that come with playing international hockey and the friendships I was beginning to get from the sport helped me with the decision to focus on hockey.

5. Who has had the most impact on your sporting career?

Bridget McKeever (Cleans) ex Irish international hockey player, my school coach and club team mate.

6. What female do you most admire in the world of sport?

Serena Williams

7. Outside of sport what do you do in your leisure time?

I love the ocean so I spend a lot of the time in the sea or on the beach. Walking or surfing along the beautiful north coast where I grew up.

8. What is the last movie you went to see? What is your favourite movie of all time?

Toy story 3. As soppy as this sounds probably ‘The Holiday’.

9. What music do you listen to?

My favourite artist is Ben Howard but I would listen to a lot of piano music too

10. Are you a reading fan? If so what are you currently reading?

Only recently have I become a big reading fan. At the moment I am reading Rala. It’s a light hearted read.

11. Do you follow any sports stars on social media? If so who?

Yes I follow a few international hockey players, rugby players and GAA stars.

12. Forget about your sporting diet for a moment? Your favourite meal when you breakout?

Oh definitely a quality wood fired pizza. Toppings preference has to be chorizo and goats cheese.

13. Who do you most admire in your own sport?

Gigi Olivia, she is the Spanish team central midfielder. A world class hockey player.

14. Do you have a special ritual before competing?

Before leaving the hotel for an international game I will always make myself a coffee in the room with my aeropress.

15. Do you still play other sports for fun?

I still surf a lot for fun and play a bit of golf when I return to my hometown.

16. What advice would you give to young girls & boys to encourage them to participate in sport?

Just to find something they enjoy. It doesn’t matter what level you are playing it, if you enjoy it then it will help with many other pressures in your life.

17. What has been your biggest sporting achievement?

Captaining the Irish ladies hockey team in the 2018 World Cup Final

18. How do you cope with (a) injuries; (b) other setbacks?

I think leaning on my team mates helps to cope with both. Without them I
wouldn’t have the same drive to get back up when I get knocked down.

19. What do your family make of your success?

They are proud and just incredibly supportive. They really know the sacrifices made from a young age so they are just so happy for me.

20. What does sport mean to you?

It means being a part of something so much bigger than yourself. To be international hockey players we have to make sacrifices everyday but the friendships created make it all worthwhile.


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