Sarah Dervan is a captain of the Galway Senior Camogie panel, All-Ireland winning medalist 2013 and 2019. She holds a Senior County title with club Mullagh 2014 and is also is in receipt of five All Star Awards for  2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2019.

20 Questions – Sarah Dervan

1. What’s your first memory of sport as a child?

One of my first memories of sport as a child was my parents bringing me to Croke Park to see the Galway Senior Camogie Team win the All-Ireland in 1996. I went out on the field after the game, met all the players and got a photo holding the O’ Duffy Cup that has resurfaced recently.

2. How did you first become involved in sport?

I first became involved in sport when my brothers brought me out to the lawn where they taught me how to play hurling. Little did I know at that time they were only going to stick me in goals to take shots on me.

3. What sports did you try as a child?

I obviously played camogie and hurling with the U14 boys however I also played soccer when I was younger and reached the Community Games u12 All-Ireland Soccer final. I also loved playing Volleyball in Secondary School.

4. What decided you to settle on your chosen sport?

Hurling and Camogie is very prominent in my Club Mullagh plus both my brothers were extremely involved, and I wanted to be just like them.

5. Who has had the most impact on your sporting career?

My Family have had the most impact on my sporting career. My parents literally go all over the country to watch me play even if it was a challenge match- they would be there. They have been with me in the good times and helped me through the hard times. Their consistent support and encouragement is amazing.

6. What female do you most admire in the world of sport?

The female I would most admire in the world of sport would have to be Katie Taylor. She put women’s boxing on the map, against all the odds and has brought huge publicity to women in sport to an unprecedented level that has never been witnessed before.

7. Outside of sport what do you do in your leisure time?

I love walking especially with my dog, meeting my friends and sitting back and watching a good film with a large bag of popcorn.

8. What is the last movie you went to see? What is your favourite movie of all time?

The last movie I went to see was Bohemian Rhapsody. My favorite movie of all time would have to be Gladiator. Russel Crowe is unbelievable in it.

9. What music do you listen to?

I’m not the country western type so I like Eminem, Lewis Capaldi and Tones and I. Dance Monkey is be the song of the year for Galway Camogie.

10. Are you a reading fan? If so, what are you currently reading?

I really buy into sports psychology and am currently reading mind gym for the hundredth time.

11. Do you follow any sports stars on social media? If so who?

I’m not a massive social media person but I do follow a lot of the Camogie players from outside the county as well as Katie Taylor and a few Irish rugby players

12. Forget about your sporting diet for a moment? Your favourite meal when you breakout?

It would have to be Chicken tenders or Pizza. I’m waiting for the day of a chicken tender pizza 😊

13. Who do you most admire in your own sport?

A player I most admire in my own sport would have to Niamh Kilkenny. Her dedication to camogie is unbelievable, her ability on the field is out of this world and she is just such a wonderful ambassador for the sport .

14. Do you have a special ritual before competing? 

I do have a special ritual before every game which is a 15/20-minute ice bath the night before every game. I do find it keeps my legs fresh and my head clear even though the women think I’m a little crazy.

15. Do you still play other sports for fun?

No, I don’t really have the time, but I do get great enjoyment out of Camogie and the gym.

16. What advice would you give to young girls & boys to encourage them to participate in sport?

The advice I would give to young girls and boys would be that you make friends for life out of sport, the enjoyment and the lessons you learn from playing sport will help you in every aspect of your life as you grow up.

17. What has been your biggest sporting achievement?

My two biggest achievements would have to be winning the county final with my club Mullagh and winning the All Ireland with Galway.

18. How do you cope with (a) injuries; (b) other setbacks?

I have been extremely lucky with injuries thankfully as I haven’t had that many. Setbacks can be tough, but it is all about how you react to them. Setbacks can make you stronger , if you learn from them and not let them define you.

19. What do your family make of your success?

I think my family are more excited about it than I am, but it is as much their success as mine and the Teams.

20. What does sport mean to you?

Sport is a massive part of my life, if I’m not playing, I’m going to see my brothers play, going to a junior C game or going to watch our little stars in Mullagh play. I love nothing more in the evenings then going down to the pitch, tipping around with the ball and watching the matches.


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